Xx G.

golang, blockchain,web3,solidity,ethereum ,l2, btc, cosmos and so on

Proficient in using Go language to build efficient and reliable web services and blockchain solutions. Proficient in microservice architecture, concurrent programming, and distributed systems; Develop a sharded high TPS public chain based on Ethereum; Develop a public chain based on Cosmos SDK; Porting Wasm based virtual machines to Cosmos SDK based public chains; Based on ibc go conversion to solid version ibc solid, achieve cross chain NFT from domestic alliance chains to opensea; Based on optimization, optimize the centralization of sequencers and achieve the decentralization of op in the public chain of sequencers; Develop BTC Layer2 based on Polygon zkevm; Proficient in using, go,rust,solidity,typescript, Language and enthusiasm for new technologies;


  • Blockchain Architecture
  • Solidity
  • Cosmos OS
  • Web3
  • Layer 2 Blockchain