Jan P.
LondonUnited Kingdom
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Data Scientist | Machine Learning Engineer

Freelance machine learning engineer and data scientist with 20 years experience in capital markets, commercial sales and insurance industries and five years of applied machine learning experience. Passionate about providing actionable insights to benefit business using machine learning. I have been working in investment banking for two decades. During this time, I have worked with nine of the world’s top 40 banks by market capitalization, helping them automate business analytics using data mining and, more recently, machine learning. Commercial machine learning: • Finance: classification of legal documents for financial compliance; sentence similarity between client statements and reference viewpoints for segmentation; sentiment analysis to determine attitude to stocks • Insurance: predicting customer lifetime value (CLV) for life insurance clients • Social Messaging: text classification for propaganda and toxic message filtering. • Science: (with Florence University) using unsupervised learning to identify factors in flour packaging that increase fungal toxicity risk. Machine learning expertise. • Development: Python, Jupyter notebook, PyCharm, Spyder, NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, SciPy; R, R-Studio, dplyr, tidyr, tidyverse, rshape2, tsne, caTools, ggplot2, carat, tree, C50, gmodels, lattice, corrplot, maps. • Shallow learning: decision trees, tree induction, random forests, naïve Bayes, support vector machines, linear/logistic/ridge/lasso regression and ensembles. • Deep learning: Tensorflow/TensorBoard/Keras, PyTorch ANNs, CNNs, RNNs, LSTMs and transformers. • NLP: Genism, spaCy, NLTK, 1d-CNN, LSTM with attention, BERT. • Timeseries: statsmodels, SARIMA, VARIMA, LSTM, Prophet. • Visualization: matplotlib, seaborn, plotly, ggplot2, Graphviz, Tableau. Accomplished trainer and mentor. Whilst engaged by Deutsche Bank, I managed and delivered decision analytics training to over 70 liquidity risk professionals across six teams distributed worldwide using plans, courseware and applications I developed. I have since developed courseware and delivered courses on three continents. Capable Communicator. I am experienced in stakeholder-presentation of machine learning business benefits using captivating visualizations (Tableau, ggplot) and well-constructed business cases. The board of RapidGen Ltd retains me to advise on applying automated decision-making and machine learning in their products. Strong Theoretical Knowledge. I recently consolidated my machine learning skills by earning an MSc in Machine Learning (Distinction) from Royal Holloway, University of London. I also received the outstanding project award for 2020. I also hold a PhD in computer science from UCL, London. Adept at NLP. I specialize in natural language processing (NLP) applications for paraphrasing, structured QA and explainability. I recently developed a means of using adversarial data to improve transformer models’ performance in sentence similarity tasks. Excellent Writing Skills. I have published a book, maintain a blog and have presented at conferences and corporate webinars.


  • BERT
  • TensorFlow
  • PyTorch
  • Keras
  • Classification
  • Tableau
  • Business Process Model & Notation