Jonathan C.
100% Job Success

15+ years of experience w data science, analysis & engineering.

Specializes in Data Engineering
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Professional Data Engineer in the making. I prefer early-stage data teams with senior or director opportunities, but not opposed to more established organizations. I want to be part of the initial team and expected to lead organizational efforts toward adopting cloud AI/ML technologies to tackle business challenges. Can translate business processes into automated services based on data-driven cloud services. Have led teams on corporate efforts toward a better understanding of their customer's needs, enhancing the value of products & services and the customer experience. Have led the implementation of IoT sensors, data capture, process & visualize efforts for agricultural programs, optimizing resource use & reducing costs. I enjoy and thrive with independent work and value the diversity of a team to solve the most challenging issues. Demonstrated success as a team lead, communicating the vision, providing the necessary tools, listening & implementing. Comfortable solving mysteries without any clues. Excited by nebulous research questions without clear answers and unknown, incomplete datasets. Experienced with most commonly used data tools & techniques, almost certified as Google Cloud Platform Professional Data Engineer. Motivated by curiosity, honed deductive reasoning skills, and demonstrated ability to recognize patterns or trends in data that are worth additional investigation. Always been a technology & data pipeline cross-pollinator. To overcome logistical hurdles, I go back to first principles & ask where similar hurdles have been such a hindrance that solutions have already been developed. For example, Used hurricane tracking algorithms & ML to predict drug zebrafish were on. Took residential skylights into cannabis Ag-Tech. A Demonstrated track record of unlocking opportunities within data & building machine learning models to optimize & automate strategic decisions. Knowledge cross-pollination specialist. 15+ years working with various data types and standard technical tools. My current daily drivers are GCP, Python, RStudio & RapidMiner. Building acquisition and analysis pipelines for streaming IoT data, Structured/Unstructured databases, Time-Series data (GBs), Movement Pattern data (TBs), Video/Visual data (TBs), Behavioral & Genetic data (TBs), and data scraped, crawled, pushed, pulled, batched.

Skills & expertise

Data Engineering Languages

  • SQL
  • R
  • Python

Data Engineering Deliverables

  • Database Architecture
  • Data Migration
  • Data Integration
  • ETL Pipeline
  • Database Design

Data Engineering Tools

  • AWS Glue
  • Docker
  • Microsoft Excel
Other skills
  • Dashboard
  • API
  • Business Intelligence
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Analytics
  • Format Conversion
  • Cloud Implementation
  • RapidMiner
  • RStudio
  • Visualization
  • Data Management
  • Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning Model
  • Automated Deployment Pipeline
  • Cloud Engineering Consultation
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • HTML
  • Data Science Consultation