Emmanuel A.

Security Engineer

As a seasoned Security Engineer and accomplished System Administrator, I bring a versatile skill set to fortify digital infrastructures against evolving cyber threats while ensuring the reliability and efficiency of server operations. Security Expertise: In my role as a Security Engineer, I've honed a comprehensive suite of skills aimed at proactively identifying and mitigating cyber risks. I specialize in penetration testing, conducting thorough assessments to uncover vulnerabilities within networks and systems. Leveraging advanced tools and techniques, I develop strategies to remediate these vulnerabilities, bolstering your organization's defenses against potential cyber attacks. Furthermore, my proficiency in digital forensics enables me to conduct meticulous investigations into security incidents, uncovering the root causes and providing invaluable insights for future prevention. Whether it's analyzing network traffic, examining system logs, or reconstructing digital evidence, I employ a meticulous approach to forensic analysis, ensuring a thorough understanding of each security incident. Administration Proficiency: As a seasoned System Administrator, I possess a deep understanding of IT environments and server infrastructures. My expertise spans both Linux and Windows operating systems, allowing me to effectively manage diverse server architectures and environments. From configuring servers and implementing security protocols to optimizing performance and ensuring seamless network operations, I leverage my administration skills to maintain the integrity and reliability of your server systems. Moreover, my experience extends to virtualization technologies, where I optimize resource utilization and enhance scalability to meet the evolving needs of your organization. By implementing best practices in server administration, I ensure that your infrastructure remains resilient and capable of supporting your business operations effectively. Integration and Collaboration: By seamlessly integrating my security and administration skills, I offer a holistic approach to fortifying your digital infrastructure. Whether it's conducting vulnerability assessments, implementing security measures, or optimizing server configurations, I prioritize collaboration and communication to align security initiatives with your organization's overarching goals and objectives. Together, we can strengthen your cybersecurity defenses, optimize your server infrastructure, and mitigate risks, ensuring the continued success and resilience of your organization in an increasingly complex digital landscape.


  • Security Engineering
  • Digital Forensics
  • Web App Penetration Testing
  • Security Analysis
  • Server & Virtualization Software
  • Server Administration