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Interest in automating tasks, creating better usability for every day softwares and tasks, and saving your time! I've been using Autohotkey for 6 years by now, to make both my own work and my colleagues work easier, and faster. Also Ive got 7 years experience in QA in several companies. I do both manual and test automation with python, and backend development also with python. Highlights of what I've developed so far: A) Bot that reads multiple phone screens and identifies what is going on, and acts upon it. This way the bot can click the "buy" button a soon as the button is available. It combines both screen reading and time estimate, to be able to click the button instantly, with less then 50 ms delay. It also indentifies all phone screens, organize them, and resize them in the way you need it. B) Test automation for most important flows of a big insurance company in Brazil. It sends data to the server, check when its ready, extract some data, send new data, wait for completion, and the compare it. C) Application for better usability of computer. Using a mouse with extra buttons, you can open specific programs with one button, circle through them, press "backspace", "enter", circle through browser tabs and more. Also have visual indicators on the mouse cursor, so it changes colors if it's using different functions, so you always know which features are active. Othe things worth of note: A. Getting a JIRA report: You company uses jira to organize the work. How many issues were created this month? How many of them are already closed? How much hours were logged on a determined set of issues? Which jiras still need attention? How much work a particular worker has logged today? I've built an interface to display and calculate all this data, without even opening the browser. It works through Jira's REST API. Click a button, and retrieve (or insert) the data you need. Im replicating this software to my own JIRA account, as there are sensitive data from my previous company inside my coding. I'll be posting a video from this functionality soon. A.1. Loggining work to jira with a button click: You need to log your time in different tasks everyday, but do not wish to open every single task in browser and type data in each one, one by one? I've developed an interface where you write all your date (activities and time worked) and it inserts directly in Jira through REST API. Again, click a button, and it's done. B. Integrating with voice recognition software so the shortcuts don't need to be mouse/keyboard inserted. Talk to your computer, and it does what you want it to (and even talks back to you, if you want). C. Customized answer shortcuts for online marketing consumer service: Writting shortcuts so you can send big text chunks in no time D. Customized formatted texts: If you need to always write a text with formated data, for instance, you need to make a list (1,2,3,4,5) why not type a shortcut, and the list is created for you? This way, you only fill the list, with no need to format it. E. Shortcuts for applications/folders/file handling, and so on: Type shortcuts and calculator/notepad/browsers/music players, or any other application you have on computer will be started. Same for folders. I you want to see your personal files folder often, a shortcut can make it opened with no effort. F. Taking screenshot of particular part of screen, and renaming the file with a numeric sequence (picture1, picture2, picture3). In this one, I say to my computer: Take screenshot. It takes the screenshot and answers me ("Your screenshot has been taken"). It's actually very cool. I feel just like Iron Man ;) G. Inserting data on websites/logging in automatically: Set your password and account (or any other info), and type the shortcut. It will insert your data right away, without needing to type everything over and over again. H. I've worked with software testing, so i have a good background in agile development process. I'm also good at picking up details, and understanding user needs to deliver a good user experience. Thanks for reading this! Just tell me what you need, and I'll give you the answer!

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