Anatole B.

Data Scientist | Machine Learning | Python script developer

Hello, I'm Anatole Blanc! 📊 After a preparatory course for business schools I joined HEC Paris, where I started to get interested in the world of data. To deepen my technical knowledge in this field I integrated a double degree with the Ponts et Chaussées engineering school. There I learned the statistical and algorithmic basics needed to set up complex machine learning and deep learning models. 💼 I first learned programming through a freelance job as a Growth Hacker. I developed customer prospecting automation tools. I then did two internships in the data field: a first one in a German unicorn as a data analyst where I was able to develop skills in database management and SQL. Then, my final internship was in a strategy consulting firm as a data scientist. I was able to apply my skills in machine learning and deep learning on real use cases in order to solve strategic problems of prestigious clients (Engie, Renault, Le Printemps). I was also able to train during this internship on new tools to develop my technological stack: Google Cloud Platform, Tableau, Flask, NLP ... 🛠 Techno and languages - Python (Advanced level) : pandas, scikit learn, tensorflow, flask, selenium - SQL (Advanced level) : PostGre SQL, My SQL, Amazon RedShift - Spreadsheets (Advanced): Excel, VBA, Google Sheets - HTML/CSS (Intermediate level): web development - Data Visualization (Intermediate level): Tableau, PowerBI Don't hesitate to contact me for your different data problems, I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible. PS: I love to learn new technological tools, so don't hesitate to contact me even if your needs are not in the list above 😉


  • TensorFlow
  • pandas
  • NumPy
  • Python Scikit-Learn
  • Tableau
  • SQL
  • Financial Writing
  • API
  • Python Script
  • Selenium