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Your customers are human. Your marketing should be too. ------------------------ "Kelly is a brilliant copywriter who knows how to tell compelling stories. She has this unique way of opening with words that get the reader’s full, undivided attention AND connect emotionally with them." ------------------------ Okay - first of all, if any of the following describes you, you should click away from my profile and hire someone else: 😞You plan on selling people your product or service by lying to them, tricking them or misleading them. 😞You like to shame or belittle your customers as a marketing tactic. 😞You're selling something that you actually know is a piece of crap, but you're pretending it's not. 😞You think you're smarter, cooler or just generally better than your target audience. 😞You see your business as a battle between you and your customers that you're determined to win. If any of those apply to you - then kindly make like a tree and get outta here. Still here? Good. You're my kinda person. 🙌 The guiding star that I navigate by is that if you're going to sell someone something - you should respect and care about them. And the beautiful thing about that? Copy that respects and centres your customers builds stronger relationships, and drives better results. Like, I-love-this-brand-so-much-my-friends-joke-about-how-obsessed-I-am kinda results. Your customers are brilliant, wonderful people. If you're genuinely offering a product or service that makes their life easier or helps them become their best selves - they will LOVE you for it! The most important thing you can do is demonstrate you're listening and prove you're there to help them. Every piece of written communication, whether it's a landing page, an email or even a website pop-up - is a chance to show them that level of care and connection. My name is Kelly, and I’m a copywriter who specializes in creating thoughtful marketing messages that convert. First, I clarify your offer and put myself in the shoes of your customers to understand what problems your product is solving for them. Then, I write heart-tuggingly powerful copy that positions your product as the solution to their problems and makes them the hero of the story. It’s worked since the golden age of print ads and it’s what will set you apart from your competitors who are using icky predatory persuasion tactics, or just copy-pasting marketing mush straight from the robot's mouth. With 14 years of experience, I can help with a lot of copy projects. Some of my specialties include: 📑Case Studies 📑Whitepapers 📑Website Copywriting 📑Email Copywriting 📑Blog Writing Tell me what you need and I'll follow up with a proposal, timeline and project costs. ------------------------ Kelly is intelligent, thoughtful & has a versatile writing style that can be applied to any content marketing effort. A+ work on every project to date, for over 18 months and running." ------------------------ "Kelly's work was outstanding. She knows exactly how to entice the reader with well-crafted descriptions & good flow of information. AND she is cordial to work with; provides updates and communicates well. ------------------------ 💖 14 years of experience. 💖 650+ Happy Clients. 💖 Upwork Top Rated Freelancer 💖 Genuine Living, Breathing Human Being with Like, Emotions and Creative Ideas and Stuff. ------------------------ PS. I get a lot of job invites and I tend to just delete the ones that come with the standard template message, so if you are inviting me to a job please write a quick custom note! Thanks.

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  • Sales & Marketing Collateral
  • White Paper
  • Email Copywriting
  • Sales Funnel Copywriting
  • Sales Copywriting
  • Ad Copy
  • Website Copywriting
  • Persuasive Writing

Get started working with Kelly quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Kelly quickly with these predefined projects.

You will get a compelling case study people will actually read

From $500
14 days delivery

You will get a blog post that provides value to your audience

From $495
14 days delivery

You will get an in-depth, skyscraper-style blog post

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Endorsements from past clients

"Kelly is one of the most skilled individuals I’ve ever worked with. Not only is she an absolute pleasure to be around, her writing skills are incredible, and her ability to match the voice I wanted was nothing short of amazing. Moreover, her general intelligence was astounding. She was able to pick up on and learn our very niche, very complicated investment strategy much faster than literally 90% of the people that pay me 10’s of thousands of dollars to train them on it. I couldn’t be more impressed with her. She’s intelligent, extremely responsive, able and willing to tackle every project, and the best copywriter you could hope to hire. Do not delay. She will be one of your proudest hires, and make you look like a genius."

Grant K.
Real Estate Content Dec 2019