Cayson C.

8 Figures Ecomm Copywriter, Funnel Strategist

$2Mil ➡️ $31,584,846 USD (1,575% increase) That's how much revenue I've generated from copywriting in a SINGLE YEAR... And that's exactly the same results I want to help you make for your business. (see proof below) Hi, my name is Cayson. I’m an Ecomm Copywriter/Campaign Strategist. I’ve been doing copywriting professionally for over 2 years and have sold over $31 million in internet sales, and here's what I can do for you: 1️⃣ Copywriting Have a new marketing campaign to launch and need persuasive copy to sell? Or do you simply want to scale your business to the next level with more sales? I can help your business grow by writing copy for: ✅ LANDING PAGES ✅ SALES LETTERS ✅ FACEBOOK ADS ✅ EMAIL SEQUENCES ✅ VIDEO SALES LETTERS ✅ ADVERTORIALS I've written copy for nearly every medium available on the internet. As long as it generates revenue, I've probably written it. And if it’s persuasive copy that gets your customers to buy what you need, I got you covered. 2️⃣ Campaign Strategy Do you know what's the biggest difference between a successful marketing campaign… And a sure-flop campaign that's doomed from the start? The answer? A solid campaign strategy. Being able to develop a strategy that takes into account of: - Your customers deepest desires and objections - Market competitors and potential opportunities - Product and brand positioning - Marketing objectives and milestones - Conversion and funnels - Performance and optimization And more importantly, how to transform strategies from the screen of your monitor into a stream of compounding revenue for your business. That's what I'll be providing you as part of my service. An in-depth strategy document that will help you: ✅ Understand your customers at a deeper level ✅ Uncover potential revenue channels ✅ Create a stronger "brand to customer" fit Increasing the success of your future marketing campaigns and generating more revenue. 3️⃣ Brand Positioning In a world where competition is tough and almost every business is vying for the same customer base. It's critical to stand out from the crowd and position your brand as the best option for your customers. I’ll help your business: ✅ Highlight your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and stand out from the sea of competitors ✅ Position your product in an unique way, that your customers would think that you’re the only brand in the market ✅ Craft an offer so irresistible, that your customers can’t help but buy your product Essentially creating a moat around your business - crushing your competitors while winning the hearts and wallets of every customer. === “I like what you’re offering, so what’s your rate?” As stated in my profile, I will do everything mentioned above for a small fee of $60/hour. And I know what you're probably thinking... “EVERYTHING FOR $60!? He's providing so much more value than the average Upwork copywriters but he's charging so much less? Clearly there must be a catch!” Yes, you’re right! There is a catch. As we both know “Testimonials” is king on Upwork. And as you can see I have only 1 testimonial on my page. This isn't to say I'm new to copywriting (I've been doing it for over 2 years) It simply means that I’m new to Upwork. And as a small "ethical bribe"... I’m offering you my services at a discounted rate in exchange for a few honest reviews. But trust me, this offer won't last long. Once I've gotten my first 4 satisfied clients, I'm doubling my rates immediately. And I'm doubling it every 4 clients until I'm satisfied with my rates (as a perfectionist, I'm not easily satisfied) So if you're looking for: ✔️ An experienced copywriter with a proven track record and not a novice attempting to "practice copywriting" ✔️ Independent and self-driven copywriter who does not require constant attention and guidance. ✔️ A freelancer that's focused on building a long-term relationship rather than a quick "one-time cash-grab gig" While avoiding: ❌ Half-assed freelancers who turn in work late (not to mention bad work) ❌ Being let down by amateur copywriters who don’t understand how to write good copy ❌ Working with marketing agencies that are more concerned with growing their own business than with growing yours I’m confident that I'm that guy you're looking for. In fact, I'm so confident that if you don't like my copy, I'll give you 100% of your money back. Why? Simply because I take pride in my work and that's how I've been doing things since the start. So if this is something that interests you. Send me a message down below and let’s see what we can make happen! ✉️ INTERESTED? SEND ME A MESSAGE✉️
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