Pradeep M.
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API development , web scraping, Python, JavaScript,C,CPP

**Specializations:** - Web Scraping: Deep understanding of web scraping techniques for efficient data extraction. - bot (telegram , discord, mail-automation) - TKinter and PyQT libraries - GUI Development: Proficient in creating user-friendly interfaces with Tkinter and Electron.js. - GPU Programming: Expertise in utilizing GPUs to accelerate computations and enhance performance. **Technical Skills:** - Languages: JavaScript, Python, C, C++ - Frameworks: Electron.js, Tkinter,qt, - Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, RESTful APIs - Data Manipulation: Pandas, NumPy - GPU Programming: CUDA **Project Highlights:** - Developed and deployed web scraping solutions for, automating data extraction and analysis processes. - Created a robust desktop application using Electron.js for enhancing workflow efficiency and user experience. - Implemented GPU-accelerated algorithms for crypto, resulting in significant performance improvements. -python bindings for nividia cgbn libraries. using ctypes **Why Choose Me:** - Proven track record of delivering high-quality software solutions on time and within budget. - Strong problem-solving skills and a passion for tackling challenging projects. - Excellent communication and collaboration abilities to ensure smooth project development.
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  • Extension & Module Development
  • GPU
  • Electron

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