Jamie G.
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Dynamic Digital Marketing Strategist | Plans | SSM | E-commerce

Hi, I'm Jamie, 💡 I can take your idea and help turn it into a working online business. 💻💸 Creating tested marketing plans and powerful social media strategies to funnel prospects into your preferred links (E-commerce, Affiliate, Amazon, etc.) and converting them into leads and sales. Most importantly, converting the newly acquired customers into raving fans of your business. Loyal customers who will love your brand so much they will continuously buy your products or services. Everything I do is ethical and organic. First things first, Helping clients create successful online businesses means more to me than just making money. Like many individuals, I'm on a mission to live a life with more meaning. It is important to me to help others do the same. Honestly, I want everyone to be happy. When working with me, you’ll be getting someone motivated to help you on a deeper level. 🙂 I have been working with clients for three years, digital marketing in general for five. I have built effective marketing plans, social media accounts with powerful content and growth, and E-commerce stores (WordPress) with strong on-site marketing tactics. Ultimately, using the social accounts to funnel prospects onto their websites and converting them into sales and long-term customers. (Check portfolio) I’ve also earned a Bachelor's degree in marketing. I have become very competent in these sections of marketing/ digital marketing: Digital Marketing: ----------------------- ✅Creation and implementation of effective marketing/ business plans ✅Marketing Research, finding target markets with low competition ✅Keyword research ✅Brand management- Using Story brand strategies to reach your audience ✅Powerful growth strategies ✅Customer acquisition and satisfaction ✅Creation and implementation of social media plans (Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook) ✅Creative content strategies ✅Social media growth ✅Using social media to drive prospects to website or links ✅Building of marketing websites and e-commerce stores via WordPress ✅Onsite marketing ✅On and off-site SEO ✅Creating email lists (Mailchimp) ✅Product pictures, edited videos, created blogs, auctions, giveaways, etc. What I can do for you is: Marketing Plan: --------------------- Create a step-by-step digital marketing plan specifically designed for your business, using tested strategies that are highly effective for practically any type of business. Based around 3 main steps of customer acquisition: ✅Before Stage- brand, and planning (includes social media plan) ✅During stage- converting leads and sales ✅After Stage- repeat sales, loyal customers, and scalability This plan will build you an incredibly strong structure within your business, allowing you to scale seamlessly and growing your business as far as you want to take it! I will run through the plan with you thoroughly and answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability as you tackle each step. If you want more hands-on assistance during the execution of this plan, I will be available to help as well. Social Media Plan ------------------------ Create a step-by-step plan for each of your social media accounts. This plan includes: ✅Content strategy ✅Profile optimization ✅Keyword research ✅Growth strategies ✅Daily growth strategy checklist ✅Link funneling strategies I can also assist in executing the social media plan if needed. I am a hard-working, ambitious person who emphasizes integrity—striving for improvement every day and loving the process. If you're interested in building an online business that you will be proud of, one that your customers will love just as much as you do, 🗣 I want to help you! I can’t wait to share the excitement with you! 🎉 For more info, please get in touch with me here on Upwork. Thanks!

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