Abdul Hannan D.

Full Stack Magento/Shopify/WordPress/React/Angular/Node Developer

For several years, I have remained passionate about Full Stack Web Development. As a self-motivated and independent Web Developer, my focus has been on Magento 2, WordPress, Shopify, React, Angular, and Node. My expertise encompasses the customization and development of websites on these platforms, including third-party integrations, module modifications, and the development of new extensions. I possess a track record of uploading several successful extensions to the Magento marketplace. My technical proficiency in designing, developing, and delivering small to large-scale integrations, infrastructures, and enterprise solutions is unparalleled. ✔️Magento Services: ✅ Analyzing and reviewing Magento code ✅ Customizing Hyva/Luma for Magento Framework ✅ Migrating Luma or PWA-based applications to Hyva ✅ Compatiblizing and Building new features ✅ Theme Customization ✅ 3rd Party Integrations ✅ Support & Maintenance ✅ Upgrading Magento to the Latest version ✅ Develop, Deploy, and Build servers for robust installation ✅ Magento Code Analysis and Review ✅ Migration to Magento from other E-commerce platforms ✅ Magento Bug Fixes ✅ Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration ✅ Magento 2 Upgrade ✅ Magento integrations with third-party platforms ✅ Magento 2 Extensions Development ✅ Magento 2 Theme Customization ✅ Magento Website support and maintenance ✅ Magento Deployments services ✅ Magento 2 Performance Enhancements ✅ Magento 2 online training ✔️ Shopify Services ✅ Shopify store setup and configuration ✅ Theme customization and development ✅ Third-party app integration and customization ✅ Shopify API integration and development ✅ Shopify store migration from other platforms ✅ Shopify store maintenance and support ✅ Shopify app development ✅ Shopify payment gateway integration ✅ Shopify SEO optimization ✅ Shopify performance optimization ✅ Shopify training and consultation. ✔️ WordPress Services: ✅ WordPress website development ✅ WordPress theme customization ✅ WordPress plugin customization and development ✅ WordPress website migration ✅ WordPress website maintenance and support ✅ WooCommerce development and customization ✅ Third-party integrations with WordPress ✅ WordPress website optimization for speed and performance ✅ WordPress website security enhancement ✔️ React Services: ✅ Developing Single-Page Applications (SPAs) using React ✅ Building scalable and high-performance user interfaces with React ✅ Integrating React with other frameworks and libraries ✅ Migrating applications to React from other front-end technologies ✅ Customizing and extending existing React applications ✅ Providing support and maintenance for React-based projects ✅ Developing and deploying React applications on various platforms ✅ Conducting React training sessions and workshops for individuals and organizations. ✔️ Node.js ✅ Building RESTful APIs and Microservices using Node.js ✅ Developing web applications using Node.js ✅ Implementing real-time applications with Node.js and WebSockets ✅ Building scalable and high-performance applications using Node.js ✅ Developing custom plugins and modules for Node.js frameworks ✅ Integrating Node.js with other technologies and platforms ✅ Providing support and maintenance for Node.js applications ✅ Containerizing and deploying Node.js applications on cloud platforms such as AWS or Google Cloud Platform ✅ Migrating applications to Node.js from other platforms or languages ✅ Providing training and consultation on Node.js best practices and development strategies. ✔️ Angular Services ✅ Angular Component Development ✅ Angular Application Development ✅ Angular Module Development ✅ Angular Migration from previous versions ✅ Angular Material Implementation ✅ Third-party API Integrations ✅ Angular Website Support and Maintenance ✅ Angular Performance Optimization ✅ Angular Security Implementation ✅ Angular Deployment Services ✅ Angular Training and Consulting Services With my years of experience, I have gained a solid foundation in building architectures and developing extensions on top of existing frameworks. Throughout my work, I have always adhered to the best industry practices to ensure the highest quality results. Additionally, my fluency in the English language allows me to effectively communicate and collaborate with teams. I am a proven team player, and I am always eager to work with cross-functional teams to achieve success. My involvement in the Magento 2 Core code contributions and Magento GitHub community has allowed me to develop best-selling extensions, which are currently available on the Magento marketplace. Through this experience, I have honed my skills in developing high-quality extensions and delivering successful results on time. If you are searching for a reliable and dedicated professional who can deliver excellent results within a reasonable timeframe, feel free to contact me. Regards, Abdul Hannan Danish Full Stack Developer

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  • JavaScript
  • WordPress
  • Web Design
  • Python
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Magento 2
  • jQuery
  • Ecommerce Website

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Get started working with Abdul Hannan quickly with these predefined projects.

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