Yehor O.

Innovation & business model consultant (Innovation & Circular economy)

My name is Yehor Osadchuk, I work in innovation management, as well as the development and optimization of business models. ENVISIONED, ADAPTED, IMPLEMENTED – this principle is my guide in everything I do. Whether I am developing a business model, looking for an innovative solution, conducting technological examination of an investment project or creating an innovative infrastructure within the company, I always focus on the following: - all actions and decisions must have a clear and understandable effect; they must lead to a sustainable and predictable result; - all actions and decisions must be individual for each specific project; - all actions and decisions can be implemented taking into account external conditions and internal resources. To implement this principle, I use my own expertise which is based on personal experience in industry, science and commerce as well as the expertise of third-party professionals whom I involve in my projects. This approach allows me to work in different fields with different projects and select atypical solutions that can be borrowed from different disciplines, types of industries and business areas. In my job, I always try to combine efficiency, fundamentality and flexibility. I approach the solution of each new task not in terms of existing experience, but focusing on the goals to be achieved. We should cooperate if: - your company needs to develop a new or existing business model; - your investment project is built around a technological or scientific and technical solution; - your company has a task that cannot be solved at the current technical level within the existing business model and development strategy; - you want to implement elements of innovation management in your company. My personal expertise: - innovation management; - development and optimization of business models; - construction of innovation management systems; - search for innovative solutions; - work with business models; - technological expertise; - technology scouting; - circular economy; - managing cross-functional teams; - management of development and implementation of technological solutions; - geology; - mineralogy; - mechanical engineering; - materials science. My client is my ally. My main task is not to show my competence to them in the best possible way, but to use it as much as possible to achieve the desired result. I will be glad to cooperate with you. Right now I am interested in circular economy, sustainability and ESG.
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