Aigerim K.
100% Job Success

UX/UI Expert | Top 10 US apps | 50M users served | S&P 500 clients

🥇My designs helped clients raise millions of dollars, get valuable contracts and purposefully serve more than 50M users. 
Past clients include: Dish Network, Prudential, Soteria Racing Solutions, Proforma.

 ⚡️ Working with me, you will:
 ✭ Receive a high-quality, future-proofed design solution that meets industry standards and positions you for SUCCESS. ✭ SAVE time and money by working with an expert who can help streamline your design process and increase efficiency.

 ✭ IMPRESS your customers and grow your business with a user experience that truly stands out.

 ✭ Receive a BEAUTIFUL and aesthetically pleasing interface design that fits modern standards.

 ✭ AVOID common pitfalls and design mistakes made by design rookies that will make your product hard to scale in the future.

 💡I cannot help everybody, but we may be a great fit if you are thinking:

 ● "I don't want to waste time and money on poor quality work, I want the BEST”.

 ● “I believe communication and collaboration will contribute highly to the success of my design project”

 ● “I want to work with a reliable freelancer who can meet project requirements and deadlines.”

 ● “I want to receive transparent pricing and avoid unexpected costs or hidden fees.”

 Some signs we might NOT be a good fit include:

 ✗ The company is struggling to meet its financial obligations 

✗ The project is not really valuable to the company / might be stopped in the middle
 📊 My stats:

 ● Designed an app that got into USA's TOP 10 apps on App Store
 ● Designed products for more than 50M of users 
 ● The client raised $1M with the product I worked on

 ● Designs featured in Bloomberg, CNET, FW

 🙎🏻‍♀️ A little bit about me:

 ❁ I’m a curious person who reads a lot. My favorite book is “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy.

 ❁ I am meditating for more than 4 years, thus I have a clear mind and am constantly present. 

 ❁ I love music and I play the flute, I’m сurrently learning to play guitar.

 Want to work with me? Next steps:

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 Mobile app, Web design, SaaS, Healthcare, Finance, Fintech, Telecommunications, Prototyping, Wireframing, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Design Consultation, Mobile-first Design

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  • Mobile App Design
  • UX Research
  • User Flow
  • UX & UI
  • Mobile App
  • Figma
  • Software Design
  • Wireframing
  • Responsive Design
  • UI/UX Prototyping
  • WordPress