Viktoriia O.

Data Scientist

A passionate data scientist with 2+ years of experience bridging the gap between complex data and actionable insights. I leverage my diverse background in mathematics, geospatial analysis, and computer vision to empower stakeholders across industries. I thrive on tackling challenging problems, from improving data pipelines to building ML models for road accident prediction and predictive maintenance. Highlights: Delivered 85% reduction in invalid data for CheapTrip using machine learning and visual storytelling. Developed ML models for road accident prediction and maintenance at Omdena, with the potential to save lives. Increased understanding of road-related issues through data analysis and presentations at Omdena. Demonstrated expertise in diverse industries: Travel (CheapTrip), research (4writers, Livingstone), engineering (TRIUMPH-XXI), and geospatial data (2GIS). My Skillset: Languages: Python, R, SQL, Shell Scripting Visualization: Tableau, Excel, R (ggplot2, leaflet, plotly), Python (matplotlib) Deployment: Shiny, Streamlit, Docker, AWS (ec2, Lambda, S3) Big Data: Apache Spark, Google Cloud (BigQuery) Machine Learning: Time series, classification, regression, clustering, computer vision (keras, tensorflow) Geospatial Analysis: Extensive experience with geospatial data and tools Communication: Skilled in visual storytelling and report writing I am eager to connect with businesses and individuals seeking to unlock the power of data. Let's discuss how I can help you achieve your goals!


  • Data Analytics & Visualization Software
  • Data Model
  • Unix Shell
  • Probability Theory
  • ETL Pipeline
  • Machine Learning Algorithm