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Good morning/Evening, Thank you for stopping by. Have I told you that you are awesome? I probably haven't. You are awesome! There you go. Now, this is gonna be long - blame Upwork - they allow up to 5000 characters - CRAZY I know. Briefly I'm SAM! a smart amazon seller central VA/manager, I want to make you surprise by Scaling up your amazon revenue. I live and breathe on Amazon Sales marketing. This is what I have been doing for the past 8 years and I have been pretty successful at it (humble brag). A Smart digital Amazon SEO, Sales marketer is someone who will analyze your project, your products, and your social media and decide what marketing vehicles we should use to gain maximum traction and conversion. I have worked with 500 companies, I have ranked 1000+ clients products in different markets for solid high competitive keywords. PS: I still got 3500+ characters left. Come on Upwork - do you want me to write a book here or what? If you have a short time, lets chat or talk here Cheers SAM