Ali A.
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Digital/Social Media Marketing and Writing

Welcome to my profile! I'm a writer and social media marketer with 5 and 3 years of experience in each of those respectively. Combining both, I've had quite a competitive leverage as I not only understand and have the technical skillset to manage social media platforms, but I also have the creative mindset needed to bring the work to life. That alongside my affinity with audiences from different backgrounds has helped me achieve some great results in the intertwining industries of writing and social media marketing. Putting the above into numbers and results, my attention-grabbing style of writing has helped my clients in several ways, whether it's through growing social media platforms, raising brand awareness, or even lead acquisition. In many cases, my writing helped clients achieve better conversion rates on their advertisement/marketing campaigns with an average of 0.7-2.1% increase. I've also helped drive lead acquisition costs down on multiple occasions by providing more specific and detailed writing that helps businesses and clients better show how their services or products can help others. It is in social media marketing that I truly shine as I've spent a great amount of time in the last 12 years on social media platforms. What this means is that I've had the chance to witness how the industry has transformed and evolved throughout the years, which has helped me understand social trends and what exactly it is that piques a viewer's interest. And I've been able to exhibit that with several different accounts, pages and channels grow exponentially from scratch or further expand their following, both paid or organically. So if you're searching for someone transparent and straightforward to help you get the job done, look no further. Feel free to check out my specialized profiles and portfolio to better understand the scale and type of work I do! Looking forward to hearing from you all


  • WordPress
  • Social Media Management
  • Technical Writing
  • Content Management Plan
  • SEO Writing
  • YouTube Development


Endorsements from past clients

"Self-driven. Passionate. Reliable. Ali has proven to be a delightful person to work with. Never needed to worry about the project assigned to him because he goes above and beyond not only in getting things done but will also exceed any expectations. He is well organized and disciplined, allowing him to complete tasks in a timely matter. And, he comes up with various solutions and out-of-the-box ideas for the project. I outsourced a number of below-the-line advertising and marketing campaigns to Ali. Needless to say, he completely elevated the campaigns’ online presence, boosted social media engagement, and provided insightful and viable feedback that optimized the campaigns' performance. You won’t regret working with Ali as he will definitely assist you efficiently from end to end."

Isabel L. | Sales and Events Executive
Marketing and Advertisement Campaign Aug 2021


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