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Want to scale your eCommerce brand but worried about soaring ad costs and shrinking margins? Well you should be. eCommerce is getting more cut-throat by the week, with mega-brands driving up click costs with their massive budgets. But they're also doing something else... See, the big boys are obsessed with getting more repeat purchases because they know this is where all the profit lies. Fact is, getting a new customer is getting more expensive every month. But selling to them again? Well, that's damn-near free. See, netting 2nd and 3rd purchases from email has very little cost, which drastically increases a brand's revenue, profit margins and customer lifetime value. And this is what allows them to spend more on ads, outbidding you for the same clicks since they're far more profitable. This is how the big dogs scale so quickly. And it's precisely how I've added up to 65% extra revenue, margin and LTV to my client's Shopify brands. Look...back in the days of cheap, breezy FB ad clicks, email marketing was a nice-to-have. A luxury even. But now advanced email marketing with a tool like Klaviyo is quickly becoming a straight-up pre-requisite to even compete. And the brands that survive the next 3 years are those that invest in nurturing long term customers today, before clicks truly skyrocket. The sobering fact is, eCommerce now is all about retention - get customers, and keep them coming back for more. This secret alone will allow you to bullet-proof your brand's cashflow, scale fast like the DTC giants and enjoy far more take-home profits. However, as a Klaviyo Master and Partner, and with well over $20 million generated for clients to date, I already have a loyal stable of awesome clients - so naturally my schedule is very nearly full. But, if we get along and I'm 100% sure I can help your unique brand, then you will be making a LOT of money with my help. So if you're looking for someone to help you scale with Klaviyo email marketing, click the green "Invite To Job" or white "Hire Now" button at the top right of this page. Looking forward to discussing your project :) - Wilding. PS: Here's what clients have said about my email marketing services on Upwork: - “It was an awesome ROI and we were able to scale much, much more because of that added revenue.” - “The margins before we started working with you was…18% and recently it was 24%…and that’s net margin.” - “He will make you far more money than you spend with him so you’d be a dummy to not work with him." - “We’ve tried other email marketers before and Wilding is by far the best we’ve ever tried.” Check out my profile below for 20+ more Upwork reviews just like these...
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