Arsalan I.
Karachi CentralPakistan

MERN Stack Developer | React Native Developer | React Developer

🌟 Services Offered: 🚀 Web Frontend Development 🚀 Hybrid Mobile Frontend Development 🚀 Full Stack App Development 🚀 MERN Stack App Development 🚀 Hybrid Mobile Apps Development 🚀 React Bug Fixes 🚀 React Native Bug Fixes 🚀 Node.js Bug Fixes 🚀 Stripe Payment Integration 🔹 Web Frontend Development: Crafting responsive and user-friendly web interfaces using modern technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript frameworks such as React.js. 🔹 Mobile Frontend Development: Designing and developing native mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms using React Native, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices. 🔹 Full Stack App Development: Building end-to-end web and mobile applications from conception to deployment, incorporating both frontend and backend development. 🔹 MERN Stack App Development: Leveraging the power of MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js to create robust and scalable applications. 🔹 React Bug Fixes: Identifying and resolving issues in React.js applications to improve performance and functionality. 🔹 Node.js Bug Fixes: Debugging and fixing issues in Node.js applications, ensuring smooth operation and reliability. 🔹 Stripe Payment Integration: Integrating secure payment processing functionality using Stripe API, enabling seamless transactions within web and mobile applications. Check out my portfolio, it contains following features: 1. Creating E-Commerce for iOS & Android App using React Native & Node 2. Creating Social Network for iOS & Android App using React Native & Node 3. Creating Content Showing & CMS system for iOS & Android App using React Native & Node 4. Creating WebRTC Text & Video call App for iOS & Android App using React Native & Node 5. Creating E-Commerce web App using MERN stack 6. Creating Social Network App using MERN stack 7. Creating Content Showing & CMS system Web App using MERN stack 8. Creating Appointment System App using MERN stack 9. Deploying apps in Cloud along with setting up storage using AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Amplify, GCP, Google App Engine, Heroku, Firebase 10. Using Databases as MongoDB, Firebase real-time DB, MySQL & PostgreSQL using ORM 11. Creating App flow charts and app wireframes using DrawIO & Figma 12. Breaking down apps into services using Docker Compose 13. Converting apps into microservices using Kubernetes 14. Testing apps using React testing library, Jest, React native testing library, Appium, WebdriverIO 15. Configuring payment gateways like Stripe & Paypal 16. Uploading images, blog posts and videos. Taking snapshots of videos and saving in DB and showing different thumbnails each time. 17. Bulk upload images, blog posts, videos through excel sheets 18. Using Github for version control system and collaboration 19. Using Slack & Jira for team work

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  • TypeScript
  • API
  • React Native
  • In-App Purchases
  • JavaScript
  • Web Application
  • HTML5
  • API Integration
  • iOS Development