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• M&A expert with over $5 billion in closed transactions • Completed more than 400 buy side and sell side due diligence projects • 20+ years of deal experience (middle market and Big 4) • Former PwC Director, KPMG, and EY • Worked with clients across various industries globally (US, Asia, Europe) • MS in Data Science • Certified Public Accountant (CPA - Isr.) & MBA With over 20 years of experience leading financial due diligence for complex M&A deals and investments, I bring deep expertise in buy-side and sell-side due diligence. My financial modeling and valuation skills provide data-driven insights to inform high-stakes investment decisions. As an Ex-Big 4 (PwC, KPMG and EY), I have conducted hundreds of comprehensive due diligence and advised clients across industries on: Due Diligence (buy side and sell side) • Quality of Earnings analysis • Sales and profitability analysis at the SKU level • Deep dive on working capital trends and requirements • Net debt position and cash flows • Build data model to support valuation analysis • In-depth analysis of the target's financial statements, projections, and operating metrics • Review working capital, inventory, accounts receivable/payable, and cash conversion • Churn models and customers retentions model • Price cost volume analysis • Segmentation analysis • Profitability analysis - Sales by product line, channel, geography to assess growth • Research market size, industry trends, competitive landscape • Assess customer and supplier concentration risks • Interview management on operations, challenges, risks • Conduct management meetings with C level executives to assess business performance • EBITDA analysis and adjustments • Identify integration planning considerations and synergies • Summarize findings and recommendations in presentation to inform deal price Financial Modeling • Build robust Excel models to forecast performance • Incorporate assumptions on growth, margins, working capital, capex, depreciation • Model income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement • Perform sensitivity analysis on key value drivers • Follow modeling best practices and formatting standards • Optimize for efficiency, transparency and flexibility • Partner with management to refine assumptions • Summarize key takeaways in presentation decks • Tailor models to needs of audience (Board, CEO, CFO etc) Business Plan Modeling • Build integrated financial projection models linked to operating metrics • Partner with management to develop assumptions • Model different growth scenarios and expansion plans • Forecast revenue based on pricing, volume, churn etc. • Project gross margin and net profitability over time • Model headcount, productivity metrics and staffing needs • Estimate capital expenditure requirements for growth • Calculate working capital needs based on business drivers • Model cash flows, free cash flow, and cash burn • Determine funding requirements and ideal capital structure • Evaluate impact of different financing options • Conduct breakeven analysis on fixed and variable costs • Include KPIs to track progress against plan • Enable dynamic charts, graphs and visualizations • Run sensitivity analysis on key operating variables • Provide flexibility to quickly iterate on scenarios • Follow modeling best practices for transparency and control • Summarize analysis and insights for management and investors • Update models periodically to track performance vs. plan I leverage advanced analytics tools such as SQL, Tableau, Power BI, Advanced Excel, ETL (Alteryx, Azure), and other tools to process data, build models, run analysis, and uncover actionable insights. With over 20 years of experience leading complex due diligence engagements, I bring extensive expertise in designing and executing customized diligence plans to uncover key insights and risks. My approach focuses on collaborating closely with clients to define the diligence scope based on deal objectives, identifying key areas of focus, and coordinating diligence activities across functions. I interact directly with target company management to collect required information, financial data, documents, and access for onsite diligence. Leveraging my financial modeling, data analysis and visualization skills, I carefully analyze diligence findings, draw out key insights, and summarize results in presentation decks, models and reports tailored to the deal and audience. I effectively communicate deal risks, value drivers, synergies and actionable conclusions from diligence to advise clients on price, terms, integration planning and value creation strategies. My systematic diligence management maximizes efficiency, insight and value delivery. I look forward to working with you. Please reach out so we can discuss working together.

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  • Forecasting
  • Financial Model
  • Private Equity
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Venture Capital
  • Financial Planning
  • Startup Consulting

Get started working with Eyal quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Eyal quickly with these predefined projects.

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Endorsements from past clients

"I hired Eyal to lead data analytics for a potential acquisition target. This required analyzing target's sales, marketing, operations and financial data to assess valuation, synergies and risks. Eyal quickly built an Azure SQL architecture to consolidate ABC's transactional data. He demonstrated expertise using Alteryx for rapid ETL and data wrangling. Eyal's modeling unlocked deep insights. He created intuitive Tableau dashboards for transaction analysis identifying growth opportunities and cost savings. Eyal led his team to deliver quality work on an aggressive timeline. His findings validated key assumptions in our valuation model. I appreciated Eyal's collaborative approach focused on actionable insights tailored to our priorities. He exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Eyal f"

Uri k. | CTO
Analytics project Jul 2023


"I hired Eyal to modernize our inadequate legacy analytics systems. He's the most talented data leader I've encountered, blending technical prowess, strategic vision, and interpersonal skills that wildly succeeded. Eyal immediately identified insights that eluded us. His data models, visuals, and automation drove efficiency. Beyond quant skills, he motivates with infectious optimism and curiosity. Eyal leads by example, empowering others to excel. His ability to simplify complexity proved invaluable to executives. Eyal's positive impact was unmatched. With 20+ years experience, he's the most effective and inspiring analytics leader I've seen. Any organization would be extremely fortunate to have Eyal steering their analytics strategy."

David P. | CPA
Transformed analytics capabilities exponentially Jul 2023


"Hiring Eyal to build our enterprise reporting platform on Azure using Tableau was the best decision ever. He delivered extraordinary results exceeding expectations. Eyal's deep technical expertise enabled him to create a robust, flexible, and user-friendly analytics solution custom-tailored to our needs. His astonishing creativity designed visually stunning, interactive dashboards that bring data to life, unlocking mind-blowing insights. Eyal's relentless focus on user experience led to 95% adoption. Our decision making capabilities improved exponentially thanks to his work. He delivers tremendous value and stands head and shoulders above any other analytics leader. Eyal is highly recommended - any team would be extremely lucky to have him develop their reporting and analytics systems."

Nadav L. | Engineering Manager at Exabeam
Data Visualization in Tableau Jul 2023


"I brought Eyal in to modernize our data infrastructure by building a scalable cloud platform. He crafted a phased roadmap to migrate data into Azure using Synapse, Databricks and Alteryx. Eyal oversaw consolidating decades of legacy data with Alteryx for rapid transformation. He delivered the new platform on time and budget. It enables unified insights and expanded analytics adoption across teams, enhancing decision making and increasing sales 10% YOY. Eyal's outstanding technical leadership was critical to the success of this highly complex strategic initiative."

Amir G. | Deputy CEO
Data Engineering project Jul 2023


"I recruited Eyal to lead financial and analytical due diligence for a potential acquisition, a complex project critical for valuation and red flags. He assembled a stellar team and conducted meticulous data discovery for complete financial picture of the target. Eyal oversaw exhaustive analysis of sales, costs, cash flows and balance sheet to identify risks and upside. His team utilized advanced analytics beyond the surface. He partnered with legal for compliance, IP and operational reviews. His comprehensive report provided extraordinary insights surpassing typical diligence. Thanks to Eyal's efforts, we negotiated fair valuation aligned to true value. I credit Eyal's diligence for this successful deal. His leadership and attention to detail were unmatched. I highly recommend Eyal for lea"

Goni K.
Financial Due Diligence Jul 2023