Deepak P.

Nocode Expert apps.

Do you have an app idea? Need your MVP built? Need to build a unique, dynamic website? Look no further. My goal is to save your business precious time and money by building your app or website with a software called Bubble ,Softr ,Flutterflow & Glide apps These are powerful, fully customizable, scalable program built specifically to help founders launch their start ups quickly and efficiently. I've been building custom applications and websites on the ,SOFTR ,FLUTTERFLOW & GLIDE APPS platform for 3 years now. My projects include:- -Chat GPT integration ,Levity .ai -Stripe payment gateway integration -Landing pages -E-commerce websites -Marketplace website -Property Marketplace website -social networking websites -job/freelancing platforms -SMS applications -Payroll applications -Custom Software for small - medium sized businesses If you're looking for a web or app developer -- look no further. Leveraging the power of No-code tools. I can turn your idea into a working application faster than most coders and at a reasonable price


  • No-Code Development
  • No-Code Landing Page
  • Google Sheets
  • Airtable
  • No-Code Website
  • ChatGPT Prompt
  • ChatGPT API Integration