Akshay K.
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Android Devloper | Kotlin | Java

I'm an experienced programmer who's all about Android app development. I've been at it since 2018, and I'm all about crafting high-quality Android apps that work well and follow the best coding rules for a great user experience. My preferred approach involves utilizing the "Clean Architecture" pattern combined with MVVM architecture in my projects. Additionally, for larger and complex projects, I follow the "Test-driven development" approach, ensuring robust and reliable outcomes. I am proficient in both Java and Kotlin, although I prefer using Kotlin for new projects. Here are some key highlights that define my work experience: 🚀 Extensive familiarity with Jetpack libraries, including Navigation Component, Room Database, Data Store, Data Binding, ViewModels, Work Manager, LiveData, and Jetpack Compose. ⚙️ Proficient in utilizing various Android components such as Activity and its lifecycle, Fragment with lifecycle, Alarm Manager, Services, Broadcast receivers, Intents, and Shared Preferences. ⚡ Well-versed in Kotlin coroutines, Flows, and Channels, leveraging them for efficient asynchronous programming. 🏗️ Expertise in implementing the MVVM pattern and Clean Architecture, resulting in modular and maintainable codebases. 🧪 Proven track record of implementing unit testing methodologies and frameworks to ensure the quality and stability of applications. 🛠️ Familiarity with essential tools and libraries such as Retrofit, Dagger Hilt, Arduino, TensorFlow Lite, Java, Firebase, Bluetooth, BLE, and Wifi, allowing for seamless integration of various functionalities into Android apps. 📨 Proficiency in working with notifications to provide users with a comprehensive app experience. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any queries or would like to discuss your project further.

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  • Android Studio
  • Bluetooth LE
  • Android Room Persistence
  • Bluetooth
  • Clean Architecture
  • WiFi
  • Unit Testing