Ahtisham N.

Amazon FBA Private label/Product Research/Amazon Store Expert

Jungle Scout PRO, Viral Launch, Helium10, Keepa, X-Ray, ASMX, EGROW, BlackBox Hi, my name is Ahtisham, and that I am operating in e-commerce for the last 3 years as an Associate in Nursing Amazon FBA Specialist. I even have a passion and experience within the personal label business model and that I believe that Amazon is an excellent place to begin such a business. Over the years, I even have worked with new sellers, little and greater brands, from all around the world. Through this Brobdingnagian expertise, I even have orientated myself with completely different techniques and tools, and that I have created my methodologies in market research, listing optimization, and sponsored ads campaign Expertise in: ✪Single Product Listing. ✪Creating new Variation Product Listing / Parent-Child Relationship / Amazon. ✪Creating variations of existing listings / Amazon. ✪Creating HTML & Bootstrap Responsive Descriptions. ✪ Product Hunting & Niche Selection ✪ Competition Analysis & Positioning ✪ Supplier Research and Product Sourcing (private label) ✪ Amazon Product Listing Creation / Optimization (title, bullet points, product description, enhanced brand content, SWOT Analysis, and Market Positioning) ✪ SEO Keyword Research and Analysis, Backend Search Terms ✪Amazon Product Launching (set up standard operating procedures, product reviews, feedback solicitation, and monitoring) ✪ Strategic Analysis and Setup of your Amazon Account ✪ Advice on Product Branding and Marketing ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ P R I V A T E __ L A B E L ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ⚡⚡⚡ Tools I use ⚡⚡⚡ Viral Launch Market Intelligence 🚀 Jungle Scout PRO Extension 🚀 Jungle Scout Web App 🚀 Helium 10🚀 Product Criteria: 1. MerchantWords.com 2. Jungle Scout (Chrome extension) 3.Helium10.com 4.Virallounch.com 1. All Private Label products are/have (you are free to change the criteria of course): 2. Between $15 - $50 (Best Price points for PL) 3. Great Sales velocity - at least 300 sales a month! 4. Poor quality of competing products 5. LOW COMPETITION (Low reviews + lots of room for improvement) 6. Not patented products 7.Low seasonality 8. High Margins 9. High Demand (More than 300 sales a month) 10. Small in size (Fits in a shoebox) 11. Light (under 4lbs) 👉 No need to have any tools, I have every single Amazon tool under the sun from Helium 10 to Viral Launch Product Discovery. 👉 I do have a high-speed internet connection and I am happy to explore more. I am committed to staying earlier than the curve and maintaining the new technologies, tools, and Amazon changes. I helped dozens of clients in e-commerce to hotfoot and expand their online business, continually focused on providing quality services and willing to travel on top of and the far side for my clients. Please contact me for more discussion of your project necessities. Sincerely, Ahtisham,

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Get started working with Ahtisham quickly with these predefined projects.

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