Nhu N.
Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam
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English - Vietnamese Translator, Proofreader | Customer Service

So you're looking for someone who pitch of translating or proofreading for your project? As a native Vietnamese speaker holding a Bachelor's Degree in Business English, professionally qualified English translator into Vietnamese and Vietnamese into English, offering first class translation services for commercial, industrial, governmental and private clients. I successfully translated over 100 complete projects, ranging from documents to entire websites, from Vietnamese to English and English into Vietnamese. I'm not saying I'm the best in this industry, but I'm probably the only person who is willing to do these 4 things to you: ️🎯 Go the extra mile. I'm willing to spend more time researching so I can translate technical terms correctly. I'm willing to redo my work again and again. ️🎯 I'm not the kind of 9-to-5 person who just wait until 5pm to close the laptop. Working extra hours to help you achieve what you're looking for is my biggest favorite joy. ️🎯 Not only translating, it can be over deliver. I also can help you collect data or research market. I'm looking for a long-term relationship, so that might be a bonus if we work together. ️🎯 How about I help you rewrite your landing page, or email campaign for your product? Yes, if you have any previous reference materials that I can use as my inspiration, I'll do the best I can, if not, you don't have to pay me a single cent for this. Unlike many other translators who only try to finish your project by using machine as fast as possible so they can take your money and disappear. I'm willing to put extra hours researching and proofreading just to make sure my translation will convert and easy to understand but don't change their context. Also, Customer service has been the core of my career for a few years. In marketing, customer service is the most important part of successful campaign delivery. If I have a connection with my customers, I will better understand their needs and the voice of their business, therefore, offering a greater product. My earlier career was in a retail based customer service position and since then I have always had some sort of customer facing component to my position. I have a lighthearted personality and am able to easily connect with a variety of personalities. You can be comfortable knowing that your customers are in good hands with me. The last thing I want to say is that if you're looking for high-converting sales pages, campaign email for your product or service. I'm willing to do that. If we work together, you just need to provide me with the basic information about your prospects, products/services, previous sales copy. Answer some questions that I might have and I'll do the rest. If the final result is not what you're looking for, don't pay me. I'm happy with that. Not for a moment did I raise a question of taking money from someone who is not satisfied with my work. After all, if you feel very excited, you found something! Leave me a message, and we will see how it goes. Have a lovely day! Regards, Nhu N.


  • Official Correspondence Translation
  • Editorial Translation
  • Vietnamese
  • Contract Translation
  • Vietnamese to English Translation
  • Manual Testing
  • Korean to English Translation