Abdessalem B.
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RAG, prompt engineering, LLM finetuning, Llama and Mistral expert

Hello, I am Abdessalem, an AI engineer with particular focus on scraping and NLP. I have been working in the NLP field since 2019, and I have experience with different types of projects and technologies: - Fine-tuning open source LLMs - Training deep learning models - Prompt engineering - Building apps using proprietary LLMs as well open source ones - Deploying different types of deep learning models - Implementing research papers - OCR - Data ETL (parsing PDFs and raw data) - Retrieval augmented generation (RAG) - Classification models - Named entity recognition - Neural machine translation - Arabic, English and French NLP (since I speak all of these language) - Large scale training and inference - .. If you have an idea that is not yet clear in your head and you want to discuss, I would be happy to jump on a call with you, and discuss it as a free consultation. If you have a clear project in mind, and you need clear execution, I am also your guy.

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  • Natural Language Processing
  • Natural Language Generation
  • Python
  • pandas
  • BERT
  • Scripting
  • Chatbot Development