Lucas R.
Rio de JaneiroBrazil

Ai Engineer & Data Scientist Expert

As a PhD student at PUC-Rio, specializing in Software Engineering for Data Science, I leverage my expertise in Agile Experimentation and Digital Transformation as a Software Engineer for Intelligent Systems at ExACTa PUC-Rio. In this role, I excel in project ideation, requirements management, and project management, serving as a skilled Scrum Master. I also contribute as a Lecturer in Software Engineering at PUC-Rio, instructing undergraduate and postgraduate students. My doctoral research focuses on optimizing the agile management of Machine Learning-enabled systems to enhance efficiency. Previously, during my master's studies, I concentrated on detecting Charge Parity Violation in the CERN-LHCb experiment, igniting my passion for Data Science. Proficient in Python, C/C++, R, and SQL, I possess a versatile skill set suited for diverse challenges. With a strong academic foundation and a proven track record in project execution, I bring a unique blend of research prowess, technical proficiency, and project management skills to the table.


  • Project Management
  • Requirement Management
  • Requirements Specification