Marry Jane L.

Data Administrative Associate

Hi there, I'm MJ, currently working as a Publisher Admin Associate. I excel in data administration and possess strong skills in various administrative tasks. My responsibilities include handling email support, managing reconciliation reports, month-to-date data reports, and postback app interim reports. As part of my role, I manage credit renewals, respond to agency discount inquiries, and liaise with site representatives. With 2 years of experience as a Data Entry Specialist and Lead Generation on my previous Upwork account, I've honed my research and compilation skills. Currently, I'm enhancing my technical skills in JavaScript, TypeScript, and React.JS through our company bootcamp. Additionally, I have experience in WordPress, including duplicating web pages and editing content.


  • Email Support
  • Internal Reporting
  • Credit Report
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Programmatic Campaign
  • TypeScript
  • WordPress
  • Twitter/X Bootstrap
  • Sony Vegas