Nam Hoang D.

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Hey there, why the gloomy face? Oh, I get it! You're totally drained from those forever dull copycats, right? Those boring copies that bring up bland numbers! 🫠 Alright, here we go! Ready to flip that repetitive routine around? :))) Scroll down! Well, first things first... You and I are definitely, absolutely a dynamite duo if you’re on the same page: 😪 “Modern copywriters these days are all stuck in the same old rut, following a template (from story => empathy => USP => discount => deadline => CTA), who even wants to read that anymore!?” 🚀 “I need something crazy that can make me skyrocket!!” (I mean in the business sense, of course!) 🤓 “Working hard is great, but what about working hard and smart!?” 😒 “People nowadays are ice-cold in business. Do the job, get paid, say thanks, and off you go. No interaction, no chit-chat.” And even more than 113% certain, we're a match made in heaven if you like someone: 💖 funny, warm, honest, and enthusiastic. (Hmm... let's just pretend I'm talking about myself 😂) So, if you and I were a pair of chopsticks, what would you gain when those two chopsticks finally become a pair? 🤩 A way more exciting campaign than ever before! 📓 Detailed research and competitor analysis that you can use in the long term. 💰 It's still your campaign: but now it's a money-making machine. 💖 A companion who is funn– well, no need to say more! But it's also the best part – a friend forever. BUT... We'll become a mismatch if you're... 🙁 😒 Way too chilly!!! (actually not that big of a deal) (listing them for fun, I can handle it) 🤨 Not clear on terms and figures. 😡 Undervaluing me by paying peanuts! Hey, don't bully me just because I'm new on this platform, okay?? 🥶 Cold as ice!!!! Oh no, so cold that when I ask you something, you don't bother to reply, honestly, I can't take it anymore 😣! 🥹 Bailing out on payment! Please don't do that, my heart will hurt! Because it poured all its passion and beats into that project of yours! Ahem... as for me: I'm pretty confident that I'm a blend of the craziness of a magi 🥸, the smarts of a cosmopolite 😎, and the creativity of a copywriter 🤓, what else? Uhm... ❤️‍🔥 funny, warm, honest, enthusiastic… God, I sound like a broken record, don't I? Now that you're here, you're probably expecting some testimonials like in other top-earning profiles, but there's none of that here! Wait, don't leave yet... Truth is, us Vietnamese folks are a bit introverted, so when I ask for testimonials, everyone just hesitates. Before this, I've had about 2 years of copywriting experience in Vietnam. As for Upwork, I've only recently joined =)) So my testimonials are empty, but that's alright! Seeing is believing, work with me and you'll know 🙂! So, how can you work with me? Simple! Hit that green "Invite to Job" button on this page. And wait a bit, let me do my thing =)) Then, when I send my proposal, make sure you notice me and accept my proposal. Everything after that is a breeze, let's talk! Your best friend, (yeah definitely) Nam. P.S. Scroll down a bit more and check out my portfolio, those things prove way more than how I talk about my experience. P.S.S. What are you waiting for! Let me tackle your annoyances and contribute to your project as a friend 😀! ⭐ Your brand, my words, remarkable results ⭐

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