Noah G.

Noah G.


Copywriter, Technical Writer

If you're looking for a writer, I'm the right fit for the write job! As a freelance writer, I have over a decade of experience writing for various publications and websites, primarily as a ghostwriter. My writing has appeared in household-name magazines as well as the websites of dozens of companies in industries as varied as auto insurance, document management, competitive forensics (better known as "speech and debate"), Salesforce managed services, contract management, data quality, ecommerce, cryptocurrency, CRM, and profit optimization. I thrive on a challenge and I love learning about new industries. My strongest ability as a writer is my capacity to distill complex information into a format that a general audience can easily grasp. For example, if I printed the words I've written professionally in 12pt font and then laid those sheets of paper end to end, it would stretch the length of over 7 full-grown blue whales! A former employer described me (lovingly, I hope) as "a special kind of nerd," which explains why I'm a card-carrying member of both Mensa and the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE), the two most well-known high-IQ societies. It's worth mentioning that IQ has been widely debunked as an accurate way to measure aptitude, but what can I say: I enjoy a challenge. I have a degree in Accounting and Business Management, but I am a perpetual student and avid learner on everything from making homemade soap to 3D printing to making my own pasta.
May 25, 2023 - Sep 3, 2023

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