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Did you know there are dozens of possible reasons a piece of copy might underperform? Worse yet, most of those reasons are invisible to the untrained eye. Which means you may not even be sure what's making your copy subpar in the first place, let alone how to improve it. If that's your situation, I can help. We can quickly figure out exactly where your current copy is weak, and how to fix it. As a trained sales copywriter with almost a decade of experience diagnosing and fixing copy that isn't converting well, I can look over your copy and tell you exactly what's not working, usually in less than 10 minutes. The way it works is simple: Shoot me a message, making sure to include the copy you're currently working with, along with any other details you think I should know. I'll reply quickly (usually within 30 minutes or so during regular business hours, but often during off-hours as well) and let you know all of the following: 1) My thoughts on why the current copy isn't working (don't worry, I will not be harsh or critical - always helpful and constructive) 2) Ideas for how we can improve it 3) Suggestions for next steps There's no risk and no obligation so feel free to send me a message even if it's just to "put a feeler out there". Just because a piece of copy isn't popping the way you'd hoped it would, doesn't mean all is lost. You might be surprised at how often a piece of copy can be saved, without starting from scratch. So send me a message and let's talk. Oh, and don't worry - whatever state your copy is currently in, I can pretty much guarantee I've seen worse. :) -Danny Margulies PS - Here is my personal promise to you... While no copywriter can ever guarantee their copy will convert (and if they do, you should run!), I promise to always let you know up front if I think a piece of copy *cannot* be salvaged. I would never accept a job where I did not think there was at least a good chance that a piece of underperforming copy could be successfully transformed into one that converts at a better rate. If you read my 100+ overwhelmingly positive reviews from previous happy clients (many of whom became ongoing repeat customers), you'll see that I take my commitment to my clients VERY seriously. That is why I'll let you know my thoughts UP FRONT and help you make a sound, informed decision. That is my personal promise to you, and as the old-timers used to say, "you can take that to the bank!"

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