Mostafa N.

Graphic Designer & Web Designer

Hello, how are you? Mustafa Nouh here, thank you for stopping by. I firmly believe that your design is your brand ambassador, it reflects your personality and represents you. Helps you visualize your market. My top skills include illustration, logo design, format/layout (brochures, business cards, posters, banners, print media, etc.), graphics, newsletters, web design, website assets, banners, page ads, and e-books. I have a lot of experience using Adobe Creative Cloud, especially Illustrator and Photoshop. I like Figma as well. I provide you with the following graphic design services: ● Advertising design ● Brand identity design ● Design apparel and merchandise ● Cover art design ● Editorial design ● Large size design ● Marketing collateral ● Package design ● Print design ● Website design My interests take the form of anything drawing related: anime characters, cartoons, abstracts, hand lettering, and illustrations. I have a wide range of skills that allow me to cover a wide range of graphic design. My over seven years of experience designing logos and branding for new startups and large established companies is what sets me apart. I started in web development as a web designer and transitioned to more of a front-end web developer I was primarily responsible for customizing WordPress themes for client websites, and taking PSD layouts and Sketch files into production. I've designed quite a few websites and also worked with our graphic designers to translate their work into the front end of our landing page app. I made sure to cover responsive and multi-browser design and implementation in my QA process These are some of my best practices when developing website functionality: I – Site speed/loading times • Website speed is a measure of how quickly your pages attract a visitor to your website. • The more functions you ask the website to perform (play videos, pop-ups, multiple images, files, keep navigation open, etc.) it can affect the speed of the website. • Google provides a free tool for developers that scans a website and provides insights on speed optimization to developers. II – Website responsiveness to multiple device screen sizes. Developing a responsive website that works on mobile devices and small screens is pretty much standard procedure these days. However, it's also a good idea for developers to review responsiveness on multiple devices and screens. III – Check website functionality on multiple browsers. Sometimes, the look and functionality of websites is not consistent across different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer). Sometimes, when you update your browser, it becomes out of sync with some websites. This rarely happens, but when it causes a website to crash, it can be an annoyance. IV- Be careful not to penetrate children's features • Child themes are specific areas of a website, and developers often hack a child theme to add functionality to the website. For example, you want to play music using an image slider, but this functionality is not built into the theme itself, so the developer has to do some custom coding. The problem is that hacking the template is not a best practice, and when the template is updated from time to time, it will break the functionality until that custom code is reinstalled. If the original developer is not around at the time of the update, the new developer must strive to find out what the custom coding is. • If any coding is done, developers should take notes, and these notes are available to owners for future reference. V - ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)/508 Compliance • Some websites are required to adhere to ADA standards for individuals with vision problems who use tools such as readers to browse the Internet. • This includes not only alt meta tags and media descriptions, but also the structure of the website itself. Specific color combinations, flash features, etc., make it difficult for readers. • It is best to use best practices while creating a website as there is a cottage industry of litigants roaming the internet threatening legal action in case of non-compliance. IV – Human verification and limitation of personal contact information • Make sure your website forms undergo some “human screening” to reduce website spam. • It is also a good idea to limit personal contact information provided in public sections of websites. You don't want crawlers to get your personal contact information, which could send large amounts of spam to your accounts. I'm excited every day to wake up and do what I love! Creativity and design are my passion in life. I look forward to working with you! I'm in your serves.


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Get started working with Mostafa quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Mostafa quickly with these predefined projects.

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