Mary Rose D.
Santo TomasPhilippines

Customer Service| Data Analysis| Video Editing | Transcriptions

I am currently enrolled at a university, taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. I am highly exposed to software applications, business-related practices, management, accounting and business-related law subjects, and customer client service. I enjoy exploring and entering new life challenges which primarily involves engaging in real corporate world of business and transactions. It is with my deep passion to dig in new opportunities that may improve my skills and deepen my knowledge. I am an affiliate (earning commissions through promotions). I am an academic server; focuses more on tutoring students. I am helping students in tackling subjects they lack of knowledge in complete and more understandable way possible. I am also a lady of good work— I do chores daily, I clean, I cook, I do carpenter’s basic and intermediate jobs, I do basic plumbing, and I am flexible in many jobs. I practice and really improved in time management which used to be my weakness back then. I am a Civil Service Commission-Professional Level passer. I am good at communication and I easily vibe to people.


  • Accounting
  • Server
  • Information Analysis