Alexandru C.

Senior Software & Machine Learning Engineer

With my Machine Learning skills, I can help you with: ✔ Consulting on your problem, even if the solution may not involve Machine Learning ✔ Understanding, extracting insights, generating visualizations from your data ✔ Getting more data: scraping, finding appropriate datasets & more ✔ Cleaning, processing & extracting features from data ✔ Using state-of-the-art techniques to develop models ✔ Integrating / deploying models With my Full Stack Development skills, I can help you with: ✔ Consulting on your project, planning & sketching a solution ✔ Bringing stunning designs to life with modern frontend technologies ✔ Building & deploying reliable & easily maintainable backend APIs ✔ Advice on & implementation of scalable & performant software architecture ✔ Recruiting & leading top talent to accelerate development 👨‍💼 Entrepreneurial: I expect a thorough understanding of the problem in order to be able to craft the best suited solution 😊 I love building products that deliver value & happiness In the process of switching back to freelancing after 8+ years of working in large tech companies & startups. Check out my specialized profiles (Machine Learning, Full Stack Development) for more info.


  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Front-End Development
  • JavaScript
  • Next.js
  • Angular