Rhys Anurak N.
94% Job Success

Experienced author/translator/transcriber/comic artist/screenwriter

Strengths: Proofreading, editing, ghostwriting, transcriptions (German (DE, AT), English, translations, subtitling, comic art, brand & logo design, board game designs, copywriting. Big Projects: Book writing since 08/20 ongoing Transcriptions in AT-DE 03/21-05/21 Subtitling 06/21-07/21 Leading a team of 400 subjects & freelancers 06/21-08/21 Comic project 08/21-11/21 Boardgame 3D design 09/21-11/21 Podcast: scripting & editing 1 story each week 11/21-today Customer support 09/21-11/21 Rewriting since 09/21-12/21 Transcriptions DE-ENG 11/21-12/21 Translation & Proofreading Childrens' Book A ENG-DE 11/21 Translation & Proofreading Book A ENG-DE 12/21 Translation & Proofreading Book B ENG-DE 12/21 Ghostwriting Books 12/21-today Transcriptions DE 12/21-today Translating & Proofreading Book C ENG-DE 1/22 Book publishing: Every week one of my own children's books 01/22-today Ghostwriting Childrens' Books 3/22-today (story collection for girls and boys, grammar and spelling studying book for 3rd and 4th class) Ghostwriting Children's Stories (20 stories for one book) 3/22 Editing Thriller Novel 4/22 Proofreading Romance Novel 5/22 Video outlining and content writing 5/22 Translation of JSON file EN-DE 6/22 Proofreading Romance Novel 6/22 Transcription Project 3k+ Audiominutes 7/2022-8/2022 Editing Romance Thriller Novel 8/22 Editing Young Adult Novel Sci-Fi Fantasy 9/22 Editing Young Adult Novel Sci-Fi Adventure 10/22 -- -- Stärken: Lektorat, Korrektorat, Transkriptionen, Übersetzungen, Untertitel, Comiczeichnen, Logoerstellung, Brettspieldesigns, Werbung. Große Projekte: Buchprojekt seit 08/20 bis heute Transkriptionen auf AT-DE 03/21-05/21 Subtitling 06/21-07/21 Teamleitung von 400 Probanden & Freelancer 06/21-08/21 Comicprojekt 08/21-11/21 Brettspiele 3D Entwurf 09/21-11/21 Podcasts: Jede Woche 1 Geschichte schreiben und schneiden 09/21-11/21 Customer Support 09/21-11/21 Produktbeschreibungen anpassen ab 09/21-12/21 Transkriptionen DE-ENG 11/21-12/21 Übersetzung & Korrektur Kindergeschichten ENG-DE 11/21 Übersetzung & Korrektur Buch A ENG-DE 12/21 Übersetzung & Korrektur Buch B ENG-DE 12/21 Ghostwriting Bücher 12/21-heute Transkriptionen DE 12/21-heute Übersetzung & Korrektur Buch C ENG-DE 1/22 Buchveröffentlichung: Jede Woche 1 eigenes Kinderbuch 01/22-heute Ghostwriting Kinnderbücher 3/22-heute (Geschichtensammlung für Mädchen und Jungen, Rechtschreib- und Grammatikbuch für 3. und 4. Klasse) Ghostwriting Kindergeschichten (20 Geschichten für 1 Buch) 3/22 Lektorat Thriller Roman 4/22 Korrektorat Liebesroman 5/22 Video Outlining und Contenterstellung 5/22 Übersetzung einer JSON Datei EN-DE 6/22 Korrektorat Liebesroman 6/22 Transkriptionsprojekt 3k+ Audiominuten 7/2022-8/2022 Lektorat & Übersetzung Roman Liebesthriller 8/22 Lektorat & Übersetzung Buch für Jugendliche Sci-Fi, Fantasy 9/22 Lektorat & Übersetzung Buch für Jugendliche Sci-Fi Abenteuer10/22

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  • General Transcription
  • Design Writing
  • Academic Editing
  • Academic Proofreading
  • Film Screenplay
  • Screenwriting
  • Screenplay

Get started working with Rhys Anurak quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Rhys Anurak quickly with these predefined projects.

You will get eye-catching pictures, posts, or clips for your social media account

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You will get a well-written book in English or German, which thrills the reader

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You will get quick, accurate, natural translation from English to German and vice-versa

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