Dhaval K.
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Versatile Mobile App Developer | React Native | iOS/Android | Flutter

🥇 Upwork Top Rated Plus Developer 🎯 Upwork 100% job success score 🚀 React Native, Flutter, iOS, Android Expert 🔥 Firebase / Node.js / xCode / Android Studio Bundle 💻 Javascript / TypeScript / Swift / Kotlin Hi there! I am an exceptional mobile app developer with a remarkable 9-year track record in the industry. As a highly dedicated professional, I hold a Master's degree in Computer Application (M.C.A.) and possess an unwavering passion for creating top-notch mobile experiences. My expertise lies in React Native, where I have truly excelled for over 6 years. I am a true master of this cutting-edge technology, leveraging its power to craft stunning and high-performing applications. With an innate understanding of user experience and interface design, I ensure that every app I create delivers an extraordinary experience to its users. In addition to my prowess in React Native, I have solidified my skills in native iOS development for 5 years and native Android development for 3-4 years. My proficiency in these platforms allows me to seamlessly bring your ideas to life across different ecosystems, guaranteeing a flawless user experience on both iOS and Android devices. I am also well-versed in Flutter, a revolutionary cross-platform framework that has been my secret weapon for the past 2 years. With Flutter, I can create visually stunning and lightning-fast applications that work seamlessly on multiple platforms, reaching a broader audience with minimal effort. When it comes to data management, my comprehensive knowledge of MongoDB, MySQL, and SQLite ensures efficient and secure storage solutions for your app's needs. I understand the importance of data integrity and privacy, and I take great care in implementing robust database architectures that guarantee optimal performance and user satisfaction. As a true tech enthusiast, I thrive on working with APIs and integrating complex functionalities into mobile apps. OAuth, Node.js, and REST API are my trusted companions in creating seamless connections with various services and platforms. Furthermore, my expertise extends to XML manipulation, allowing me to effortlessly incorporate external data sources into your applications. To streamline the development process, I rely on powerful tools like xCode, Android Studio, and TestFlight. These industry-leading build tools, combined with my meticulous attention to detail, ensure that your app is thoroughly tested and optimized for peak performance before it reaches the hands of your users. NPM and Node.js form the backbone of my development workflow. Leveraging their extensive libraries and packages, I am able to deliver feature-rich and scalable applications that can evolve with your business needs. With an unwavering commitment to version control, I employ Git, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Azure, SVN, and Mercury to maintain code integrity and facilitate seamless collaboration with fellow developers. You can trust in my ability to manage complex code repositories and ensure a smooth development process, no matter the size of the team or the scope of the project. To effectively manage tasks and maximize productivity, I harness the power of Jira, Zendesk, Trello, and Pivotal Tracker. These exceptional task management tools enable me to break down projects into actionable tasks, set clear milestones, and track progress with utmost precision. Rest assured, your project will be delivered on time, every time. Clear and constant communication is at the heart of my work ethic. Using tools like Slack, Skype, Gmail, and Google Hangouts, I ensure that you are always in the loop, providing regular updates, addressing queries promptly, and fostering a collaborative environment where ideas flow freely. When you choose me as your mobile app developer, you are not just hiring a professional; you are gaining a passionate and dedicated partner who will go above and beyond to bring your vision to life. My commitment to excellence, combined with my vast experience and proven results, makes me the perfect choice for turning your app ideas into reality. Reach out today, and let's embark on an incredible journey together!

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  • Hybrid App Development
  • Firebase Cloud Firestore
  • React Native
  • Swift
  • Mobile App Improvement
  • AI Mobile App Development
  • Flutter Stack
  • Mobile App Strategy


Endorsements from past clients

"I hired Dhaval K. to implement changes to an android app programmed in React Native / Expo. He skillfully made my vision for the app reality. He successfully navigated several debugging cycles and delivered the project competently and ahead of schedule. I recommend hiring Dhaval K. for your mobile app development project."

Chris L.
Feb 2024