Damianos M.

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I am Damianos, a skilled and dedicated translator with a passion for bridging the communication gap between Greek and English-speaking audiences. I have years of experience in the translation industry, and I have become a trusted expert in providing high-quality translations that meet the needs of my clients. As a native Greek speaker, I have a deep understanding of Greek language, culture, and history. I pursued my passion for languages by obtaining a degree in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Macedonia, where I honed my language skills and gained experience in a range of translation techniques. After graduation, I began my career as a translator and quickly established myself as a reliable and talented professional. I have worked with a range of clients across industries, from marketing agencies to legal firms, providing accurate and culturally appropriate translations for a variety of documents and media. In addition to my translation work, I am also passionate about language education and have volunteered as a tutor and mentor for students interested in learning Greek or English. I believe that language is a powerful tool for connecting people and fostering understanding, and I am committed to using my skills and expertise to make that connection possible for my clients.


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