Njenga M.

Faceless Youtube Content Creator

Hello! I'm Njenga, a seasoned YouTube video creator specializing in faceless content across more than 30 niches. With years of experience at hand, I bring a unique blend of creativity, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of audience engagement to every project. What I Offer: Keyword Research & SEO Optimization: I conduct comprehensive keyword research to ensure your videos are highly discoverable, helping your channel grow organically. Script Writing: Crafting captivating and soothing scripts tailored to meditation and relaxation themes, I ensure your content resonates deeply with your audience. Professional Voiceover: I provide professional voiceovers depending on the niche. High-Quality Stock Footage: I source and integrate copyright-free stock footage that visually aligns with your script, creating a cohesive and visually appealing video. Expert Video Editing: From assembling the script and voiceover to adding stock footage and background music, I deliver polished, professional videos ready for upload. Why Work With Me? Extensive Experience: With a proven track record in creating high-quality YouTube content. High-Quality Standards: I am dedicated to producing top-tier content that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. SEO Savvy: My deep understanding of YouTube’s SEO algorithms ensures your videos rank higher, attracting more views and subscribers. Reliability: I am committed to delivering projects on time and maintaining clear and open communication throughout our collaboration. Services Provided: Keyword Research and SEO Optimization Script Writing for Meditation and Relaxation Content Professional Voiceover Services Sourcing and Integrating Copyright-Free Stock Footage Comprehensive Video Editing Custom Background Music Thumbnail Design Contact me today to get started on your journey to creating your faceless Youtube channel