Valentin  B.
Buenos AiresArgentina

Composer Artist

Hello how are you? I'm Valentin, I wish to start working online as a songs writer but I also specialize in other technical things, my focus this year was to leave my previous job and start doing what I really like. I am very good at functioning in a work environment, since I am very responsible and very punctual. I stand out for being very good socially, although I generally prefer to be at home. My dream for tomorrow is to design and program my own video game. I have been a musician since I was very young, but I never got a job related to music. I play the piano and sing You can search for my artist channel on Spotify or your preferred platform as "Vøxeto" (without the quotes)


  • Design Concept
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Electrical Design
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Spanish Tutoring