Jozsef P.

Full-stack Developer [Angular, Java]

Experienced Developer | Passionate about development Angular and Java | Delivering excellence 🚀 | Let's build something amazing together! 🌟 #WebDeveloper #Angular #Java

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  • Angular
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Git
  • SQL
  • MongoDB


Endorsements from past clients

"Jozsef worked as a developer at sibling internal IBM project building and maintaining application that was the main upstream of my app. I remember he had to tackle with a lot of legacy code - migrate to newer environment - and it was successful. He was always cooperative, willing to help, able to solve all challenges. It was pleasure to work with him."

Jan P. | Senior Java Developer
Software Development May 2022


"I had been working with József at IBM for more than one year. At that time He was working as java backend developer and I was working there as IT Specialist. We built an application for IBM which integrated IBM subsidiary employee's data with IBM database. Although java was new for József, but he acquired the knowledge fast. He always delivered work in quality and in time. It was easy and fun working with him!"

Denny C. | IT Specialist
Software Development May 2022


"I worked with József at Inspyre informatics company and He was a professional frontend developer at all time. I worked with him together I was responsible for backend tasks and He was doing frontend related tasks. It was very easy and fun working with him!"

Marton B. | Software Engineer
Software Development May 2022


"I worked with Joci for a couple of years. I got to know him as a junior Java developer, but he developed a lot and quickly while we worked together. His curiosity and desire to learn always drives him forward. We have built a greenfield application together that handles the data of hundreds of thousands of employees, during which he performed very well and reliably in more serious tasks, in several areas of Java. He works great with frontend and backend technologies as well, alone or as part of a development team, in an Agile environment. I can definitely recommend him."

Laszló H. | Senior Java Developer
Software Development May 2022


"I was working together with Jozsef on multiple software development projects. His responsibilities included designing, writing and testing the code along with providing Ops support towards the sysadmins. Jozsef showed solid skills and exemplary work ethics, and I was impressed with his punctuality. I strongly recommend him as a web developer."

András H. | Senior Java Developer
May 2022