Vishal R.

MERN stack developer | Flutter developer

I'm currently a final-year B.Tech student majoring in Computer Science and Engineering, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at ABES Engineering College. Alongside my studies, I've contributed to academic research, with a published paper in IEEE. In the realm of software development, I've honed my skills in MERN Stack to an advanced level, proficiently handling both frontend and backend aspects. Additionally, I'm beginning to explore Flutter, eager to expand my expertise in mobile app development. My projects reflect a fusion of modern technologies, including Firebase, bcrypt, and JWT, ensuring robust and secure applications. With over 200 problem-solving experiences on platforms like LeetCode, I prioritize efficiency and elegance in every project. Excited to explore new horizons, I'm driven by a passion for innovation and eager to contribute to both technology and research communities.


  • Firebase Cloud Firestore
  • Flutter
  • Postman