Atta U.
Rising Talent

Virtual Assistant

I am an expert to perform and complete a wide range of tasks including: 1. Administrative Support: Managing emails, calendars, and appointments. Data entry and organization. Handling customer inquiries and providing support. Creating and maintaining spreadsheets, reports, and documents. 2. Customer Service: Responding to customer inquiries through email or chat. Handling customer issues and resolving problems. Providing information about products or services. 3. Social Media Management: Managing social media accounts, including content creation and scheduling. Responding to comments and messages. Monitoring social media metrics. 4. Research: Conducting online research on various topics. Compiling information and creating reports. Gathering data for market research. 5. Content Creation: Writing blog posts, articles, or social media content. Creating graphics or other visual content. Editing and proofreading content. 6. Travel Arrangements: Booking flights, hotels, and transportation. Creating itineraries for business trips. Managing travel expenses. 7. E-commerce Support: Managing product listings on online platforms. Processing orders and handling customer inquiries. Monitoring inventory levels. 8. Technical Support: Providing basic technical support. Assisting with software or app-related issues. Troubleshooting common problems. 9. Project Management: Assisting in project coordination and organization. Keeping track of deadlines and milestones. Communicating with team members or clients. 10. Email Marketing: Creating and sending email campaigns. Managing subscriber lists. Tracking email campaign performance. I have completed many successful freelancing jobs and would love counting you as my next client. Enough talking, lets get started!


  • Formatting
  • Data Table
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Excel Formula
  • Microsoft Excel PowerPivot
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Word Processing
  • Content Editing
  • Online Research
  • Email Design
  • Email Support
  • Project Management