Atin B.

AI & Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network

Hi there! I'm Atin, and I'm on an exciting journey to learn about data science, machine learning, AI, and neural networks. I'm relatively new to this amazing world of data, but I'm eager to explore and understand how data can be used to make our lives better. I'm currently studying Computer Science and Engineering, a major field in Data Science, where I'm building a strong foundation in these fascinating fields. Here's what I'm focusing on: Learning Data Basics: I'm diving into data analysis and statistics fundamentals to understand how data works. Machine Learning Exploration: I'm discovering the magic of machine learning algorithms and how they can predict and classify things. AI Curiosity: I'm amazed by artificial intelligence and its potential to solve real-world problems. Neural Networks: I'm just starting to wrap my head around neural networks and how they mimic our brains. I'm here to connect with others who are also passionate about data


  • Computing & Networking
  • Neural Network
  • Machine Learning
  • Network Engineering
  • Machine Learning Model
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Linter SQL RDBMS