Ali A.

AWS DevOps Engineer | Linux Experienced

Skill Summary-: Ability to Work on AWS, Nagios, MS 365 Teams, Apache, Linux and OVH. Well understanding of operating systems (Linux OS and Windows OS) and MySQL for Database Queries. Expertise to use Software and Apps (SQLyog, Windows Terminal, MS Office, Oracle Virtual Box, Putty, WinSCP, ClickUp, OpenVPN). Effective verbal and communication skills. Experience to find solutions of problems on Internet. Experience to install and configure Asterisk, FreeSwitch and ICE-HRM. Work Experience-:  AWS Experience: EC2 Instances RDS S3 Buckets ECS Secret Manager Elastic Cache Memory DB IAM Billing Management Elastic Load Balancers Amazon Certificate Manager  4 Years of Experience of DevOps & Network Engineer  SSL certificates on Apache servers  Cpanel and FQDN recoreds  Nagios Configuration  Shell scripting  JS Build Deployment automation on server  MS 365 & Teams Management on Azure  Cost Reduction Solutions for cloud Environment  Pf-sense firewall configuration.  Deployment of App builds on servers.  Automation in Application Deployments on Local and Cloud servers  Compilation and Basic configuration Asterisk, ice-hrm and FreeSwitch  FreeSwitch & Asterisk one to one, one to many audio call generation  Ubuntu & Debian 10 installations, configuration  Instances on G-Cloud  Instances on Digital Ocean Kindly get in touch to get started and I am also available for free consultation. My work is not done until your complete satisfaction. Best Regards, Ali Ahsan - DevOps Engineer | AWS | Linux | Local Firewall Experienced


  • IT Asset Management
  • Deployment Automation
  • AWS CloudFormation

Get started working with Ali quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Ali quickly with these predefined projects.

You will get shell script to deploy code on apache2 server

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