Victor McVin E.

Digital Marketing | Email Marketing Expert | Ai/LLM Deployment

As an AI/ML expert with prowess in scripting, data extraction/ETL, and LLM deployment, I offer cutting-edge solutions. Leveraging Python, deep learning frameworks, and cloud DevOps, I automate data pipelines, build predictive models, and integrate large language models. Adept in data wrangling, modeling, and visualization, I drive strategic insights. Experienced in NLP, computer vision, and AI optimization, I deliver innovative, scalable applications. Collaborative, analytical, and always learning, I'm adept at translating complex requirements into high-impact data products. Let's unlock your data's potential through AI-powered intelligence.


  • Data Analytics
  • Large Language Model
  • Analytics
  • System Deployment
  • Storytelling
  • Multimodal Large Language Model
  • Domain-Specific Language
  • Machine Learning Algorithm
  • Deep Learning Framework