Md Riaz M.
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Web and Mobile Apps Development with MERN|PERN|LARAVEL|FLUTTER|SWIFT

About us: At APPSTICK team we are aware that developing Web and Mobile application takes a mixture of technical excellence and clear communication and our firm hires only the very best to ensure you receive both. We know that every client is unique and we strive to deliver an individual, innovative and affordable proposal every time and to follow it through with an outstanding delivery which is both on time and within budget. Now we are very much competent on building E-commerce websites based on Laravel(CMS)+ React(Websites) and Flutter for mobile applications. We provide whole thing in a package. So you don't have to worry about the overall development process. Now we have happy clients on USA, UK, Belgium etc. Why you choose us? We follow the project implementation phases as below: #Project Implementation Plan Phase-1 The phase-1 of the project includes following steps: i. Requirements analysis ii. Discussion and Documentation iii. Create prototype and show to proper authority of the core application Phase-2 The phase-2 of the project includes following steps: i. Finalize design ii. Development Phase-3 The phase-3 of the project includes following steps: i. Complete Development ii. Testing and Bug Fixing #Project Methodology Every project will be progressing using the agile project management method, particularly SCRUM. Scrum is an iterative, incremental framework for project management. Under this framework, we will take one particular module and complete its all five activities i.e. requirement analysis, database analysis and design, development and testing, data migration and training and demonstration. Thus, each and every module will complete its activity cycle and reach to the completion. #Project Time Requirement Every project will start immediately after receiving the work order. Upon receipt of the work order, we will submit a specific project plan with calendar dates on it. #Cost Specification Then we will propose specific cost regarding your project #Developing Team We will also clarify you about developing team who manage the project #Delivery of the Application Every project will be delivered module by module i.e. we will delivery individual application separately (Beta and Final version). We will submit a detailed application delivery report for each phase upon delivery. The delivery report will contain the features and reports that we will be providing with each phase. Once the mentioned features and reports are delivered that specific application will be considered delivered. #Service and Warranty 1. Warranty Period We will provide warranty for a period of Two (2) Months from the date of delivery of the complete application. Completion of work will be determined by “Application Delivery Report” submitted by APPSTICK after completion of all functionality in the application and all reports that were identified during Requirement Analysis in the approved System Requirement Specification (SRS). Any requirement after the SRS is finalised will not defer the start of warranty period. 2. Scope of Warranty and Services We will take utmost care to fulfill all requirements as identified during Requirement Analysis phase. The application will be fully tested before live operation starts. As a norm in software development, there is always chance of minor issues coming up after live operation of the software starts. 3. Minor Modifications During the warranty period, we will engage its resources to eliminate the issues related to the following: *Minor modification of reports identified in SRS. *Minor modification of Input Interfaces to increase user-friendliness. *Any software bug that hinders normal operation or leads to wrong output. *Rebuilding the executable files due to any changes as above. 4. Major Modifications Major modifications should be considered under separate technical and financial agreements. Following areas will not be qualified for warranty related services: *Any changes to the application operating for a certain process *Addition of a new feature *Addition of a new report *Any modification that was not envisaged during approval of SRS and that needs major changes in database structure *Any problem arising due to operating system, database server or hardware failure 5. Response Time During the implementation, we will assist users of the software as and when required. During warranty period (after delivery), we will make sure to investigate any issue within 24 working hours. We will then confirm authority regarding the time to remedy which will be within 7 maximum days. 6. Modifications to the Application Once an application module is finalised and accepted as per SRS, we do not envision any modifications or change in the software. However, there may be a need required by the management.

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