Taj A.

GIS | Remote Sensing | ArcGIS

Hello! I'm dedicated to solving spatial challenges through precise GIS solutions. With a proven track record in GIS development, spatial analysis, and geodata visualization analytical thinker who knows the fundamentals of GIS techniques, approaches, and applications. I understand how to incorporate imagery and data into a geographical-oriented database system. Skills: • GIS Development • Spatial Data Analysis • Geodata Visualization • Spatial Problem Solving • Cartography • Remote Sensing • LiDAR Processing • Georeferencing & Vectorization • Spatial Querying & Mapping • ArcGIS (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, Arc Globe) • Data Collection • Python Scripting in QGIS Console • Data entry • Geospatial Visualization • GIS Programming (JavaScript and Python) • Cartography and Graphic Design • Model Builder Key Services: • Joining sales databases with spatial data for visual representation • Zoning analysis for development limitations • Parcel delineation and open space estimation • Georeferencing scanned maps and vectorization of networks • Overlaying store locations with census or segmentation data • Interactive clickable maps • Raster analysis and remote sensing • LiDAR point cloud processing and 3D mapping Industries Served: • Nature Protection, Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services • Real Estate & Urban Planning • Solar Energy • Telecommunications • Targeted Marketing • Geology/Mining I'm a fast learner who thrives on problem-solving and remains dedicated to helping achieve your goals. : I view every project as an opportunity to build a collaborative partnership rather than merely completing a task.


  • ArcGIS Online
  • Google Maps
  • GIS Software
  • Cartography
  • Leaflet
  • Geographic Infographic
  • Geocoding