Jovan P.

Business Dev & Strategy | B2B & SaaS | Startup & New Venture Expert

I have over 15 years of professional experience in Strategic Business Development and Marketing, with a proven track record of success across international markets. Although I'm new to the Upwork community, I am eager to bring my expertise to exciting projects and dynamic teams. I look forward to building strong relationships and achieving mutual success. My areas of expertise include strategic partnerships, business strategy, product development, B2B, and SaaS sales. Here are some of my key achievements: - 2X YoY revenue growth for B2B and B2C clients through strategic design. - 0% churn rate by managing client onboarding and strategic partnerships. - Conducted 20+ training sessions for medium and senior leadership. - Led team to secure $5M+ seed investment by providing business expertise. - Managed a $500k marketing budget, decreasing CAC by 300%. - Maintained team-member retention of 3+ years in business development and marketing teams. • Collaboration reference list: Aigen, Agremo, DJI, Bel Medic Acibadem, Microsoft, Syngenta Group, Hello Fresh, Zalando, Bayer, Sapphire Group, Baker Tilly, LevelBit (now CrazyLabs), Hudson Insurance Group, DroneDeploy, Aerodyne, KWS, and others. • Notable Awards I won with my teams: AUREA by KPMG, The Best Startup award by Ring, and recognition as a European Business Award and a Top Brand. • Speaking engagements: African Union - EU Summit (Ivory Coast), DroneDeploy Conference (San Francisco), JohnDeere AI Workshops (St. Louis), UAV Expo (Amsterdam), SPLET(Belgrade), and others. Driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries of excellence, I am ready to collaborate with you and amplify your business success! >> MY SERVICE PORTFOLIO: 🌐 Business Development Services • Market Research and Analysis • Business Model Development • Strategic Planning • Relationship Management • Sales and Revenue Generation • Financial Management • International Expansion • Strategic Partnerships and Alliances • Customer Feedback and Satisfaction • Metrics and KPIs 🏆 Marketing Strategy Services • Market Research • Target Audience Definition • Brand Positioning • Product or Service Messaging • Channel Selection • CRM • Analytics and Metrics • Loyalty Programs • Market Expansion • Community Engagement 📄 B2B Sales Services • Target Account Identification • Relationship Building • Solution Customization • Sales Team Collaboration • Complex Sales Cycles • Consultative Selling • Value Proposition Communication • Proposal and Contract Negotiation • Lead Generation • Customer Success Management 🔄 SaaS Sales Services • Product Demos and Trials • Subscription Pricing Models • Customer Onboarding • Renewal Strategies • Customer Feedback Loops • Churn Analysis • User Analytics • Content Marketing for SaaS • Customer Communities 🤝 Strategic Partnership Services • Partner Identification • Strategic Alignment • Needs Assessment • Due Diligence • Legal and Contractual Agreements • Joint Marketing and Promotion • Reseller Program 🚀 Startup Coaching Services • Business Ideation and Conceptualization • Business Model Development • Market Research and Target Audience Identification • Competitive Analysis • Pitch Development • Fundraising Strategies • Financial Planning and Budgeting • Team Building and Leadership Development • Product Development and Iteration • Go-to-Market Strategies • Brand Development • Customer Acquisition and Retention • Mentorship and Networking • Metrics and KPIs • Crisis Management • Scale-up Strategies 🎭 Pitch Guidance and Coaching Services • Pitch Deck Creation • Storytelling Techniques • Elevator Pitch Refinement • Value Proposition Articulation • Market Validation Presentation • Competitive Landscape Overview • Financial Projections Presentation • Q&A Preparation • Body Language and Presentation Skills • Pitch Delivery Practice • Tailoring Pitches for Different Audiences • Handling Objections • Demo Presentation Skills • Slide Design and Visuals • Pitching for Funding • Feedback Incorporation • Virtual Pitching Skills • Networking Opportunities • Post-Pitch Follow-Up Strategies


  • Startup Company
  • B2B Lead Generation
  • SaaS Development
  • Lean Startup
  • Startup Pitchbook
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Negotiation Coaching
  • Business Strategy
  • Sales Copywriting
  • Demo Presentation