Rutherford R.
Makati CityPhilippines

Data Analyst

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from De La Salle University-Manila and I finished rank 9 from the Board Licensure Examination for Psychometrician back in 2019. I completed my Google Data Analytics Certificate Program last September 2021. From that program, I learned to do statistical analyses using various tools like Excel (advanced functions and formulas, advanced visualizations and dashboards), SQL(extracting data from related databases), R(end-to-end data analysis), and Tableau(dashboards and visual storytelling). As a data analyst, I can perform data preparation, data cleaning, data analysis, and data visualization, and generate insights and recommendations out of the dataset. I also help my clients write and edit research papers. I can write abstracts and introductions, complete a comprehensive literature review, and write about qualitative and quantitative methodologies. I can present these findings with beautiful graphs using Excel or Tableau and fix all the references and do everything in the appropriate format (APA or MLA). I currently work with Marketing Consultants and provide different kinds of analytics report to help them with their work. I am also well-versed in Databox, well-aware of its limits, and am capable of creating customized dashboards using the reporting platform. List of reports I can perform: 1. LTV Analysis (using Shopify and Amazon) - What is the Lifetime Value of your customers? (This can also be segmented) 2. Churn Analysis - What is the drop-off rate / cancellation rate of your subscriptions? How long does a customer typically subscribe before cancelling? 3. Email Attribution Analysis - which of the emails you captured ended up converting and how long? 4. Product Repeat Purchase Analysis - Which among your products tend to yield repeat purchases from your customers? 5. Customer Repeat Purchase Analysis - On a segmented basis (month, year, etc.), what is the repeat purchase rate of your customers? How many of your first-time customers tend to buy again? 6. Average Time Between Repeat Purchases Analysis - What is the average time between first and second purchase of your customers? second and third? etc. 7. Facebook/Google Ads Analysis - Which among your ads perform the best? Which should you drop off? What kind of creative / messaging resonates with your audience? 8. Discount Code Analysis - Among the discount codes you've ran, which among them were most profitable? Which among them were most effective in converting your audience? 9. Market Basket Analysis - Which among your products are best bundled together to increase AOV and probability of purchase? 10. Product-Based LTV - Which among your products tend to yield high LTV customers? This list is by no means exhaustive, and I work on many other reports depending on the requirements of the analytics problems. I mostly work on customized reports that requires critical thinking and creative problem-solving (for example, building a report to help identify the existing customer reactivation of a specific client on a month-by-month basis.) If you are a senior analyst, data scientist, or top-level marketer, I am willing to help with your workload for free on a one-time project provided that I can learn a lot within the analytics domain. If interested, please contact me here to discuss the scope of the project and what I would learn if I were to accept the offer. Professional Skills: Excel, R, Tableau, SQL, Databox, Research Writing, Thesis Writing, Statistical Analysis, Psychological Testing and Assessment, PowerPoint Presentation, End-to-End Data Analysis Process, Lead Generation, Influencer Outreach, Customer Support.

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  • Tableau
  • SQL
  • Statistics
  • Quantitative Research
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Google Analytics Report
  • Facebook Ads Manager