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CONSERVATORY-EDUCATED PIANIST & COMPOSER offering PROFESSIONAL MUSIC SERVICES at BASEMENT PRICES. Passion for providing great service in the realm of all things musical. 🥇 STUDIO-QUALITY, AWARD-WINNING PIANO PLAYING ✍️ INNOVATIVE COMPOSITIONS AND ARRANGEMENTS 🎧 100% ACCURATE AUDIO TRANSCRIPTIONS 🎼 PROFESSIONALLY FORMATTED, REHEARSAL-READY SCORES & PARTS I specialize in these 4 areas and am confident I can make your musical life easier! - PERSONALIZED KEYBOARD MUSIC - Typically 2 - 5 hours work time There's so many possibilities, I couldn't possibly address them all in this short brief. I have played piano for 25 years and I am classically trained. I attended Interlochen Arts Academy and Cadek Conservatory, where I studied with the late Dr. Sin-Hsing Tsai. I studied Jazz and Studio Music at the Natalie Haslam School of Music, where I studied with Donald Brown (Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers). I am a huge jazz and classical fan, but I love working in rock, funk, hip-hop, contemporary, and other styles too! I use a KORG D1 Digital Stage Piano to record audio or MIDI. I'd love to make some stems for you! - MUSIC TRANSCRIPTION - Typically 3 - 4 hours work time This one is pretty simple. I turn audio recordings into written-out sheet music. You send me an mp3 file, a YouTube video - anything with music on it - and you are sent back a PDF file containing the sheet music to that audio. 100% ACCURACY GUARANTEED. That includes every note, accent, key change, or what-have-you, whether the recording is of a solo flute player or a 100-piece orchestra with chorus. Formats I provide include standard sheet music (scores and parts), tablature, MIDI notation, or a combination thereof (File types: .pdf, .sib, .mscz., .mus, .xml, and others). - MANUSCRIPT ENGRAVING - Typically 4 - 12 hours for small to medium-sized projects - up to 20 hours or more for large projects. Let's say you have songs that are finished, ready for publication. The only thing left to do is plug them into Sibelius or Finale, cast off the score, and format the parts. If you've been in this position before, you know as well as anyone that this can be a time-consuming, minutia-intensive process! I can save you the trouble of spending all those hours in front of the computer, plonking away at your QWERTY keyboard when you'd much rather be playing your piano keyboard! I will return to you a score alongside a set of parts that is of professional quality, adheres to the appropriate Rastral standard (if you know, you know), and is clearly labelled and formatted (that means feasible page turns!) for stress-free rehearsals and a seamless performance. I use Elaine Gould's "Behind Bars: The Definitive Guide to Music Notation" for most formatting and casting concerns. - ORCHESTRATION & ARRANGING - Typically 8 - 12 hours for small to medium-sized projects, 20+ for large On a similar note, if you are in possession of some music for a certain ensemble, you may need to modify the existing music to fit what is actually available. That could mean turning a pop song into an arrangement for piano and vocalist, or transforming a piano piece into a chart for jazz big band (or vise-versa!). Whatever the dilemma is, send me the specifications that you require and I will return to you a professional-grade arrangement, made with the same care as was described in the previous entry on this list. Alternatively, if an arrangement of your own needs proofreading or editing to ensure your creative vision for the project is fully realized, I am happy to assist in this regard as well. Typical time for completion: OTHER SERVICES: - Original Compositions - Musical Theatre Books - Easy Piano Editions - Audio and Recording Tech Coaching - “Synesthesia” Piano Visualizer Videos - Session demos & MIDI mockups - Piano Reductions - Jazz solo transcriptions - Music history tutoring - Help with academic essays - Ear training exercises - Sforzando coding (.sfz) - Live-streaming technology such as OBS - Drum charts

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