Jack W.
Los AngelesCA
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Cryptocurrency Mining | Bitcoin, Altcoin, ASIC & GPU Mining Expert

Looking to start a crypto mining operation for passive income or a new business venture? Look no further. I specialize in helping businesses and individuals with their crypto mining strategies. Crypto mining passive income is a dynamic field with many factors to consider before making an investment. From electrical power requirements to hardware selection, sourcing and costs, custom charges, pool fees, asset selling prices, and exchange charges, there is a lot to cover. But don't worry, I can guide you through every step of the process from initial setup to final operation. Need help with selecting the right cryptocurrency for mining, equipment sourcing and selection, financial business models, profitability strategies, and more? I've got you covered. I can also assist with electrical power solutions, software selection, miner and rig configurations, and rig/miner troubleshooting. The key to a successful mining operation is professional business models and revenue forecasting. That's why I specialize in designing dynamic financial models that reduce your risk and maximize your profits. These models include Bitcoin mining basic assumptions, capital requirements for investment, income assumptions, profit and loss in terms of Bitcoin and USD, balance sheets, cash flow, return of investment, and more. Let's discuss your project details in a zoom meeting. Message me or invite me to your project, and I'll do my best to provide you with exceptional service. If my skills match your hiring criteria, I'm ready to get started now. 🌟 WHY CHOOSE ME OVER OTHER FREELANCERS? 🌟 ✅ Client Reviews: I focus on providing VALUE to all of my clients and earning their TRUST. The client Reviews and Feedback on my profile are immensely important to me and the value that I provide. ✅ Over-Delivering: This is core to my work as a Freelancer. My focus is on GIVING more than what I expect to RECEIVE. I take pride in leaving all of my clients saying "WOW" ✅ Responsiveness: Being extremely responsive and keeping all lines of communication readily open with my clients. ✅ Resilience: I will not give up on difficult issues or shy away from challenges. Any issue that my clients face, I attack them and find a SOLUTION. ✅ Kindness: One of the biggest aspects of my life that I implement in every facet of my life. Treating everyone with respect, understanding all situations, and genuinely wanting to IMPROVE my client's situations.


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