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Are you curious if I can help you? Read on. The definition of an Engineer: Utilizing science and technology to create things people desire. As an electronic system developer, I transform ideas into competitively successful products, specializing in embedded systems for consumer, tech, and medical industries. I have managed numerous products through their entire life cycle. I possess the education, skills, and experience required to take your electronic product idea from concept to production. We can begin by fleshing out the idea and uncovering any hidden issues. As the saying goes, "The devil is in the details." Once we have a specification, I can estimate the project's duration. A typical project includes designing a circuit, creating a board, programming a chip, designing a user interface, conducting multiple rounds of testing, and then preparing a document for handoff to production. During our video chat, I will gladly show you what all this entails. Good communication with all stakeholders is essential. Over the years, I have learned to adjust my communication style to meet the needs of the people involved. I have worked with both startups and some of the largest corporations in the country. My Master's of Science in Electrical Engineering and decades of experience mean I have pretty much seen it all. This reduces the likelihood of unpleasant surprises. While all this sounds good on paper, I encourage you to contact me with your requirements so we can discuss what it will take to turn your ideas into reality during a video chat. When can we get started? P.S. If you are wondering whether I can understand your project requirements, here is a partial list of projects I have worked on in the last three years: Designed a medical water electrolysis device, selecting all components, laying out the PCB, writing all the code in C, and designing the touch screen user interface. This design has been in production for over a year, and I have been invited to create an upgraded version. Redesigned a battery-operated IoT temperature and humidity sensor with an e-Ink display that reports readings to the Azure cloud. Several of these devices have been reporting readings for a large facility for over a year. Designed the user-facing electronics for an electric boat, including a touch screen and a Raspberry Pi. The backend dual CAN interface controlled the electric motor and battery. The code required to format the CAN bus data for the multi-screen user interface was quite involved. The user interface was written in QT. Used Swift and Metal to write a real time interleaving procedure for use with a special AR/VR interface. Wrote a special purpose voice input text editor using Swift. Designed a special environmental control chamber with its own lighting, sound, and temperature control. I selected all the components, including the innovative heat pump, and hacked the developer interface so it could be remotely controlled from a web-based app. I designed a temperature, humidity, light, and CO2 sensor board that reported readings to the Amazon cloud. I designed the PCB and programmed the ESP32 microcontroller. Designed a LoRaWAN device to report vibration and acceleration using pre-existing modules. I wrote the code in C for an NRF52. Designed an electric fence failure alarm, an innovative design that was efficiently self-powered. The alarm communicated with the cloud through a LoRaWAN interface. Advised a client on the design requirements for an electric varmint trap. This involved a detailed circuit analysis of a number of competing devices. Assisted a client in using a very inexpensive microcontroller for a residential lighting design. Advised a client on the design of a new kind of electric pile driver, a very high current and power application. Designed a circuit to read 250 low-level light sensors using an Arduino. I designed an analog board to amplify the light signal and manage the matrix of sensors. Advised a client on the technical challenges of a dog training device. Wrote code for a cleaning robot in C using an ESP32 microcontroller. Wrote articles about stun guns and tasers for a blog. Wrote articles for a new kind of supercapacitor for the company website. Tested the user interface of a Large Language Model LLM AI.

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